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howdy all from longbeach! lets ride!

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by wavygravy, May 7, 2010.

  1. ok now ive found you all lets ride! got fri sat & sun free! call me! im dying to meet you all! 360 244 0047- yamaha fj 1200 ready to fly!
  2. ride to portland @ sylvan chevron 11:30 AM

  3. I will probably be riding on Sunday.My number is in my profile you can text me or whatever I dont care what time you text I'm up until at least 2AM everynight.I was thinking about going to seaside and then riding some twisties back towards Clatskanie Getting gas and riding Clatskanie to Vernonia or something...
  4. what time ya leaveing home? i could meet ya & show ya some fun stuff! just spoke to dustin-95gst16g sounds like a go for sunday anybody else wanna fly! call sat eve before 8! ill be rideing sat too! #s in my profile. i can feel my pegs scrapeing now!
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  5. recent PIC of Old HWY 30 @ Beaver Falls area. And if you were headed this direction, (St. Helens) I would love to give a tour. I am available @ noon on saturday.

  6. hey mott dont think ill be goin as far as st helens, im doin the wa. side of the columbia, all the nooks & crannys with with old whats her name the wife sat, she can ride, best passenger ever! sunday with the boys & girls if they wanna fly too, whould love to see your ducati!! the coast hills rock!
  7. Beaver falls in Clatskanie?I rode that the other day and it's SHIT!all bumpy and scary lol.I rode a bit today just made a little loop from Quincy mager to Alston mager back to the highway and then to work.Thats a fun little 20 minute pre work ride.But if you decide to venture out there watch for a sheriff I passed him yesterday a bit on the faster side and he did the brake check ahhh screw it
  8. That looks like a nice ride there Mott. I want to try that sometime. You all be careful for the next few days. I'm on Life Flight duty, and I don't want to have to pick any of you up.

    I got to ride the hills between Seaside, Olny and Astoria today after eating at Dave's Tsunami Sandwich Shop. I did about 50 miles with a guy I happened to meet up with in Seaside. I think he might join the forum soon. Lot's of bikes out today. It was a lot of fun to ride on dry roads and take the liner out of my coat.
  9. i did the coast back up 53 for the first time , i cant believe ive never tried that one its awesome lots of 25-35 turns, can i go faster if i ride with ya knowing youll be there to fix me if i fall down? just kidding! everybody out there ride within your means & skill levels & dont get in over your head! or worse yet cause someone else to get hurt! i hope we can get our astoria group in a bunch for some good times! have a great day!
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  10. Hey wavy I work tonight at 4 and wont get off until around 10 so if I dont answer just leave me a message with details like where you would like to meet and what time.The route or just post it on here I check the forums everyday.Maybe try to get ahold of Rallynz?
  11. i put 250 on today rippinit up, took the wife up old 53 , back up 26 to the vernonia jewell turn off & had lunch at the birkenfeld cafe store! what great place to kick for a while for lunch, great food! the owners are awesome biker type folks & lots of bikers stop there on sunny days ect. i about wore my wrist out waveing at others bikers today,massave harley presence today, whats up with that they actually waved at me, cool! anybody on 2 wheels deserves a wave! its like god opened up the the gates & said ride, ride till ya cant no more & we did! what a glorious day!! by the way the pea gravel is gone from clatskanie hill! my tires look funny like they got hot or something?:mfclap:
  12. So tomorrow I am meeting Wavy in Astoria at the D.O.T 1230-1245ish If anyone else wants to go give me a text or call or whatever.Hell even just randomly show up.My number is in my profile.Hope some more of you guys will join us
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