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Hurricane Ridge 9-8-12

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Andre 1000, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. A bunch of riders and I are taking the 7:50 ferrie from edmonds to kingston. Getting on 104 to 101 then on to hurricane ridge.

    Some riders are meeting at 7am in kirkland totem lake chevron exit 20B and then riding down to the ferrie. What ever one is more easy for you.

    Let me know if you want in. I know there might be a little saturday traffic, :tard: but Ive never done this ride so I need to get it done this year.
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  2. if ya'll are still hittin it at 3:30 i will join!!!! i like to go from above pay booth to straight at the top til i have to

  3. It's a great ride but I would highly suggest grabbing the earliest ferry you can. Alot of slab on the way out there but the bits inside the park are plenty worth it if you get there early enough.
  4. +1. A 7:00 ferry time would be much better. At 9:40 you won't get to PA until well after 11, and traffic up the mountain will suck.
  5. Definitely in if it's an early ferry. Most likely out if it isn't. What will the pace be like?
  6. I dont mind changing the time if it can encourage more people to come.

    Pace: medium or maybe a tiny bit less than.

    7:10 or 7:50 ferry times
  7. :scared:scared:scared:scared WHAT, how much does it cost?
  8. One of my favorite rides. Just went up there on Labor Day, left Seattle at 1pm. Dinner in Poulsbo at 7, 8:10 ferry home from Bainbridge. Surprisingly, traffic wasn't that bad, and only had to pass 2 cars on the way up the mountain, 4 on the way down. Other than that the mountain was all clear. Guess I lucked out. Enjoy the ride.


    First time I went up with a GoPro and made a little time lapse on the ferry.
  9. wish I could join, all of our things are getting unloaded from the container that day and I have to help supervise... we did that route in the car two weekends ago and the entire way up the park I was thinking how much fun it would be on a bike.

    You do have to pay to get into the park (unless you have a park pass), it cost us 15 in a car but I think it is only 5 on a motorcycle
  10. Ok we are doing the 7:50 ferry to kingston.
  11. Should be able to make it unless I get to slammed with work....
  12. Great.
  13. So jealous. Plan on an hour and 15 min flat to PA. follow 101 into town, and take a left at Race street. There is a gas station right there. as is Jack in the Crack. Follow Race up to Hurricane ridge Road. Be aware, "awards" inside the park are Federal Tix, and pretty pricey. Watch out for the numerous rangers going up and down. also watch out for fallen rocks on the inside of some of the corners, and random deer.

    On the way back, i would be WICKED jealous if you were able to stop at the Grub Hut in Kingston. Stupid good burgers there.
  14. $5 at the entrance to the park. good for a week but thats of little use to i live in PA so i go 2-3 times a week when its nice. heads up as to LE go casual pace up then back down to see whats up. go slow just before the tunnels (blind turnout) if i go up full i do 3-4 laps from toll to parking lot, takes about an hour and can really get your tires sticky
  15. Cool thanks for the heads up.
  16. I was there last weekend in my car. We left Port Angeles at 7:30 AM last Saturday and only encountered 1 car on the way up, so early is better. Be careful after the tunnels. There were a few places where debris (rocks) had rolled down the hill into the road way. I'm sure they're gone now, but I wouldn't doubt that there are more in their place. The other thing I noticed was that the bicyclers seemed to think it was okay to bike in the middle of the lane even if it was around a corner.
  17. I'm in! Where's everyone meeting? I'm riding up from Renton and I'm not that familiar with the North end. Any central meeting spots? Or is everyone meeting at the ferry?
  18. I'll be riding up from West Seattle, how about we meet at 4th and Spokane which is just off i5 by below seattle bridge.
    It's about 20mins from there so ksu at say 7.20?
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