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I didn't ride Fri,Sat,Sun

Discussion in 'Westside' started by RedBullRider, Jul 7, 2008.

  1. RedBullRider

    RedBullRider dirttrack44m

    Too many :tard:'s out there. figured i didn't wanna get squished by some moron who hasn't figured out that talking or texting on your cell phone is ILLEGAL. so i just drove the cage all weekend. hope to get out on wed for a nice long ride. just thought you needed to know. anyone else park it for the weekend?

  2. RedBullRider

    RedBullRider dirttrack44m

    hehe didnt figure, i know im a pussy:)
  3. parked it coz I was campin too far out a dirt road to take the bike. Must . . . get . . . . tard. . . hahaha
  4. Unless you count riding like 20 miles yesterday cause I was having withdrawls. I didn't ride either cause of the same reason. Especially when I almost got hit 3 times in less than a half a mile about 8am on the 4th. I knew it would get worse between people on phones and the idiots drinking and driving.
  5. RedBullRider

    RedBullRider dirttrack44m

    ok so not so much of a pussy then?
  6. pjd

    pjd Moderator Staff Member

    Not really because it was the holiday weekend and all. But I mentioned to a buddy this morning that will all the heat on riders and all the bad ju-ju that seems to be floating around on the weekends, I'm going to start taking some vacation days during the week so I can ride while everyone else is working.
  7. I rode a bunch but didn't get bothered by the fuzz or retards trying to run me over. You've got to get out of town. If there are still stop lights and houses, you haven't gone far enough. Keep going until you realize that if you crashed, no one would find you for at least 3 or 4 days. :)
  8. No, I would not say you are for not riding. Safe is not being a pussy. Besides, I had my kid all weekend so no riding for me either:angry7:
  9. I parked it. Holiday weekends are nuts.
  10. Like coming over HWY2 on a holiday weekend?crackup:
  11. i packed up the gix and headed to yakima...turned around about 2 hours into it. i just wasnt in the mood for some reason. so yeah rode 4 hours and went nowhere :tard:
    did some grocery shopping and hardware shopping on the drz, that was fun and cant beat 61mpg vs. 15 in the jeep.
  12. Went riding for many hours on Sunday. It was great. Light traffic in most areas. Crazy Erics was just that effing CRAZY on Sunday... :scared found some fun roads. I don't know about the rest of the crew but I was having some fun. No cages tried to take me out this weekend.. so that was nice.
  13. Awesome ride to Diablo Lake on Friday. No awards issues, yet lots of fun. Except for the return on 530, nice speed trap.
  14. Rode about 220 miles on Sunday. It is all about knowing where to ride. I didn't see but a handful of bikes (Only two sport bikes) and a few least not until I tried to get back across the bridge. That toll plaza was way backed up. Wouldn't you know it, that was the moment the sun decided to show up. Other than that unpleasant experience the rest of the ride was stellar.

    The main trick is to get up early and get our while the rest of the idiots are in bed. By the time they're climbing in to their cages you're fee and clear. By the time the morons start traveling the good roads I'm heading home. Was home by 1:00 PM and enjoyed a good afternoon.
  15. You need to relax I rode to yellowstone and back over 1700 miles this weekend no fear of cops or cages can keep me down.
  16. Mines been parked since Wednesday, but only because I've been really sick :pale:.
  17. This newbie had a choice of cage or bike on Thursday afternoon for a run to Puyallup...and chose the cage. Roads and drivers were insane.

    Stayed off the roads Friday and Saturday. Sunday made a quiet run to Hoodsport and Lake Cushman...but there was no peace anywhere. Lots of RVs using their half of two lanes and cutting corners. The last day of a festival in Hoodsport was Sunday, and people were stepping out in front of traffic on the highway. :scared

    The road up to Cushman was clean, gravel on pavement in only one spot. Lots of cruisers around Hoodsport and Cushman.
  18. Parked it aswell. Had family into town, played some softball sat. and took the family to eastern wa to visit more family.

    I did go for a quick ride sunday afternoon.:thumbrig:
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