I have lead a sheltered life...

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  1. Never in a million years would I have considered combining a belt drive rear pulley with a disc-fucking brake. The stupid shit cruiser riders do makes me want to go back to sportbikes as a full-blown squid.

    ETA for clarity: Not mine, aftermarket, already installed on bike someone bought used, caliper/fluid issue, near-death experience. My gob officially smacked upon learning of this Darwin Drive system.

    ETA: I'm currently prototyping a front disc brake automatic oiling system to keep the rotors shiny and rust-free. Any cruiser riders want to beta test?

    Pulley rotor

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  2. You mean to say that heat and rubber belts don't mix well?
  3. Holy fucking lol.
    That shit is hilarious.
  4. KevinD

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    Properly ventilated, it might work.

    But that is just piss-poor design.

  5. I agree. Shoot it. Lots.
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  6. JFC!

    Whoever designed that is retarded and needs to be fired. And whoever approved that design should get the same treatment.
  7. The issue seems to have been a caliper problem, but still.

    What is the weakest link in a belt-driven motorcycle's power train? The belt? Correct, gold star!

    What is a belt's number-one enemy? Heat, you say? Fuckin' A!

    Let's attach the fuckin' pulley to a device that turns mechanical energy into heat! Brilliant!

    Oh, and the cleaning staff have asked again that you not leave crack pipes on your desk.
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  8. Looks like a solid Buell design to me.

    "I have an idea, let's over engineer the piss out of something, completely unnecessarily mind you, hope that it works, and label it innovative!"
  9. so fix it and sell the bike lol
  10. Are_Six

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    The best part is this "upgrade" costs $1652.95. crackup:
  11. If it were chromed it woulda worked. ;)
  12. thrasher

    Wow, nice. You sure this wasn't designed by American Chopper or PJD?
  13. davidk

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    What - you USE the rear brake??
    Still not sure if my rear works...

    This looks like the work of an an engineer under the influence ...
  14. Bluuu

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    That line might be tag line worthy! Ill try it out for a while and see how it feels.
  15. You mean like this one right here for those Ya MA Ha's

  16. The pic I posted is of a Warrior. All types have their share, but dumbassery seems to occur mostly in cruiser riders, regardless of bike. Even Ya MA Ha riders. I said nothing about HD's, just my amazement that people would come up with this device and that others would actually use it on a belt-drive daily driver.

    Since this is now about bashing, this evening, like every evening, the majority of obnoxious maximum-noise taint-lickers have all been on HD's. You have said in the past you are not an obnoxious maximum-noise taint-licker. Can you explain why the majority of them are? I'm not talking just about the overall exhaust volume level, but the need for these tards to make as much noise as physically possible.

    The South Park video stands as the best answer so far.
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  17. mfrankpdx

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    I suppose you guys would laugh at the braking systems I invented. I call one the "chain caliper". I'm also working on a caliper you mount on your crankshaft. Problem I'm having is keeping the oil off the brake pads. Any ideas?
  18. PeteN95

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    Have you ever seen the ATK counter shaft rear disc? Easy on the chain lube!?!

  19. first... I didnt even know we had rear brakes...

    Second, this is stupid stupid design regardless ...

    and third... belt drive is ALSO stupid!
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