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I need chain and sprocket advice

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by Vote4Missy, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. I have a 97 ninja zx600c and my chain is very sloppy but only at a certain point, if I get the tightest point on the chain to the proper tension then the stretched part of the chain is slapping around and making a bunch of noise, and I get a chugging effect when accelerating at a low speed.

    So I know I need a new chain, but I am wondering if I can get away with keeping my old sprockets, I can pick up chains for under $50 but a new sprocket and chain set is like $120, I am strapped for cash and my bike is my only transportation. any advice?
  2. Depends, are the points on the sprocket "rounded" ? Look up a stock image of a sprocket and see if it looks similar. Usually you can tell pretty quickly if the sprocket needs to go but if you see any rounding it's time. Or if they are considerabley shorter in length on the teeth.



    That chugging noise may be you skipping teeth because they are worn too.. especially if you have the tension on the chain appropariately done
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  3. DGA

    DGA Moderator Staff Member

    One thing to consider, so that you are not doing this twice at twice the cost is how much are your sprockets worn, even if they look good. Worn sprockets will accelerate the wear of the chain and vice versa.
  4. with this and your other question; suggest you could also find an experienced older rider to ask questions of ...
    not that we won't be available to help, but helps to be very specific and photo based for questions.
    Lot of knowledge here, but we don't know how you speak / describe issues.
    Such as:
    * how many miles
    * how much 'slop' in terms of inches (nearest 1/4")
    * photo of sprocket teeth, etc.

    trying to help you
  5. It's best to do all 3 together for reasons DGA said. Also helps to keep your ears open all the time for good deals for chain and sprockets. Even if you have to buy it when you don't need to.

    I bought a new rear sprocket for my SV650 from James1300 for like $20 months ago, and I'm still a long way from needing it. It just sits on a shelf right now. But it was a deal I couldn't pass up at the time, and if I sell before I need it, I'll pass the sprocket along with the bike.
  6. sounds to me more like your sprocket might be out of round and perhaps not the chain. If that is the issue, then said sprocket will wear out a new chain much faster and you will still have the same issue. Personally, I would just replace both, infact that is exactly what I just did like a month ago. I had a very similar issue as to what you are describing and problem solved. runs like a champ.
  7. well I helped a buddy replace the ac compressor in his car and he gave me $40 that I used to get a new chain, my sprockets didnt actually look that worn, and the way I see it is if I have to replace it again in 3,000 miles with new chain and sprockets I will have the money because I start a new job on thursday. I just wanted to make sure I could make it to work.

    btw, the new chain is like night and day better. its like having shaftdrive lol, fun cutting off the old chain with bolt cutters, I think it was the original because there was no masterlink. only have 25k miles on the bike.
  8. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    If you want to have to change the chain ahead of time. Don't change sprockets.
    If you want 'longer chain and sprocket life' change it ALL.

    Question for OP. How many miles on your chain and sprockets?
    How often do you lube it? Adjust it? What do you lube the chain with?

    What is the terminal airspeed of a sparrow?
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  9. 25k miles on the sprockets, 100 miles on the chain, 30 miles since last lube

    oh and 24 mph is how fast an unladen adult sparrow can fly, however if one was to impale it with a bullet, it could reach up to 150 mph while flying to the earth ;)
  10. terminal velocity of a stock sparrow when falling is 120mph, in my scenario it is full of lead :evil4:
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