I need SV650 Parts!

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  1. Ok, I picked up a wrecked SV last night :mfclap: and so the track build begins. I need parts!

    Everything needs to fit an 07 SV650s with an 04 GSXR1000 front end.

    Here's what i know i need so far:

    Fairing Stay
    Stock Windscreen
    GSXR front master cylinder
    Stainless brake lines (for an s model)
    Frame Sliders

    If you have anything let me know! ill update as i find more broken/missing! i dont need mint parts either, but no junk please!
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  2. you can use ANY parts from an 04 and up... the 03 will have some different parts(tank, seat, subframe, etc)...

    good luck with the build and I know you will enjoy the bike on on the track.
  3. Thanks! Im looking forward to it, this thing should be a lot of fun
  4. my friend has a main frame and subframe from a 2006 maybe sliders from this list frame $95 no damage subframe $45
  5. Nice! Seattle area? Does the frame have a title? (guessing no at that price...)
  6. portland area, frame has a wa bill of sale but will not come with it. Off road use only but u can see title from insurance company but cant have it for this price or any price.
  7. I'd take the subframe for sure at that price, not really interested in a no-title frame though, rather just fix mine.
  8. Now I was thinking it was 03 and up. :scratchea 2003's were SECOND gen.
  9. I have a master cylinder with stainless lines for an 04 gsxr 1000. $50, I'm in renton
  10. sweet! I work at boeing field, can meet you after work one day to pick it up
  11. yep.. 2003 was the first year of the Second generation.. in 04 they changed the subframe, tnak, seat and a few things in that area.. nothing big has changed since 04 however...

    (I learned this the hard way when I bought a spare tank for my 03 ;) )
  12. Bump! Also need the tool to remove the motor mounts and swingarm if anyone has 1.
  13. bump, updated parts list
  14. edit: got most of my list, still need some misc bolts and it looks like the dogbones are pretty chewed up if someone has an extra set.
  15. I have an entire blue '05 front cowling/mirrors/windscreen/etc. setup minus the speedo/tach bit if you're interested.

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