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  1. So I have dabbled in Web Design, Logo Design and Vinyl graphics since 1998 . Im pretty good but not only can I hold my own I have the work ethic, positive creativity and ability to do it quickly.

    So if anyone is looking to add a website to their resume and business card ion your search for bigger and better sponsors maybe I can help ya . I just busted one out yesterday 13-14 pages i guess took me about 6 hours to design, draft out on paper (MACH ASSEMBLY IS ALWAYS SMART) and compiled. I am not a business but I could do this for some people to help lighten my load as I venture into my first season of racing with you guys. Heres my quickie web site that I totally revamped and completely different as you will see as i am posting screen shots of it .;...

    Web address : checkmateracingshop.com

    Screen Shots of Site Im Currently building :


    Current site thats live now :


    Im not looking to get rich and my time is pretty cheap .. I would do a bio with an intro main page for $100

    and a 6-10 link/page web site for $175.00

    I am also willing to Barter - I love the exchange of goods at or above equal value

    I will NOT build any business sites , ecommerce or build shopping carts .. That would take too much time , I would have to HARD CODE and the SSL is just not much fun to me and to be honest I dont enjoy doing it..And boy its tedious work to constantly make somethoing ....Ping it ,,,more code ....ping it ,,,grrrr.. The dark brown page Im on 8.5 hours into coding is style sheets . The hardest part is you rounding up your images and getting them to me . I can provide a copyright agreement but we are talking about the world wide web ...Nothing is private anymore ..

    DISCLAIMER ::: You will need to rent server space and buy a domain name , I know of some smoking deals and depending on your level of experience working with FTP File Transfer Protocol would determine which host is best for you . I will also manage your page if you would like but thats not free . You will get 5 uploads after you sign off on the completion . Meaning we can make a few changes and upload the site to its server 5 times by me for free. I dont want to enable you I want to teach you to transfer your files so you can make changes and play with your site as you see fit .. SAVVY LAW DOG . LoL .. Ok Cya Soon

    MODS I hope I am not violating any rules :
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    you should look into Drupal, it'll cut your time in half and up the quality even more. As of right now it's THE big player for the future of web design.


    Your sites look great though! Don't get me wrong, just a suggestion if you like making websites.
  3. Thats pretty dang slick .. Thanks man .. I play with dreamweaver , WS5 and I can also blank page code (In most cases is just easier to start from scratch)
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    There is a new FREE ADVERTISING section, called Marketplace, under the sponsor link at the top of the page. This belongs there.
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