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Icon Mainframe helmet review

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by rpappi, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. i bought a gloss black Icon Mainframe helmet for $150.
    i went to eagle leather in tacoma to try on sizes to ensure i get the right size then ordered online.

    i figured i was getting an ok helmet i mean its no arai. i was plesently suprised. well lets start out with what im coming from. i previously rode with a shoei RF-900 which i liked. (until i got my icon).

    the icon didnt feel as nice the first time i put it on. something about how the pads were shaped and the fabric that they used or something. but after getting used to it i prefer the feel over the shoei.

    inital fit inside the house. i was thinking great this helmet is going to be loud. not nearly as much insulation as the shoei. o well so i get on the bike and hit the freeway. wow super quite. very very little wind noise compaired to the shoei. i was extremely suprised. the loudest thing i can here is my bike. you can still hear the wind its still there but lots quiter than my previous helmet. ambiant noises are louder in the icon but just slightly. over all still lots quiter than the shoei. i cant rave enough about how much less wind noise there is.

    removable cheek pads for easy cleaning. also you can get different sizes to custom fit the helmet. the ones that come in the helmet are alittle thick and push on your cheeks alittle. (not too bad)

    as for the face sheild. i had an incident with the face sheild heavy scratches. the helmet fell and landed on the open face sheild. no damage to the helmet the face sheild was springy enough to absorb the impact. but broke the face sheild ratchiting mechanizm. luckly no impact all to the helmet itself. i was able to order a new set mounts for the face sheild to replace the broken ones. and also a FOG FREE face sheild totaled about $40. all installed in about 4 minutes.

    as for the fog free sheild. wow what a wonderful thing. i drive in the rain alot and in the cold alot. so i fog ALOT. i took a ride today with the new face shield and i was trying really hard to get it to fog. (started getting dizzy) and it would not fog for the life of it.

    venting is great compaired to my previous helmet never have i had a issue with not getting enough air. great venting

    overall the best helmet i have ever worn. very quite, good fit and finish, great venting, and wonderful fog free sheild.
  2. Nice sounds pretty good for $150, that normal online retail or you get a really good deal?

  3. thats from an online retailer that is not allowed to post prices. you have to call to get quotes. its a decent deal most places online are like 180+

    normal price is like 210 or 220 if i remember right.

    icon makes some crazy graphics for there helmets also but they cost alittle more.
  4. bukwld

    bukwld Moderator Staff Member

    Rpappi - where did you get the fog free lense from? I'm interested and would love to find one as I ride in the cold weather in the morning at times and always have to leave it cracked to allow air flow to get inside to keep it from fogging.. Do they also make the fog free lenses in other colors?

    lastly, how much was the fog free lenses? I'm assuming 25-30 for it. The hardware that you had to re-do, I had to do with my helmet when I got it off ebay. I got it used, but in great condition for $90, and it was the mainframe skulls..


    i ride in cold weather and rain alot and used to have to crack the sheild alot. fog free is great. 35$ and 10$ for the gear kit. i will never not have a fog free sheild its amazing how much crap you go through to keep the fog off on cold wet days.
  6. Hey where did you get the "ratchiting mechanism" for your helmet after you broke it? I have a mainframe and I have dropped it 2 or 3 times and finally the mechanisms on the side broke... I cant bear to get rid of it (because I love it so much). I need a new shield and the mount system... do you have a web site to direct me to?

    I love my Icon helmets... My mainframe rocks pretty hard (I just think it looks cool) and my alliance I got for dirt cheap. Theyre both good helmets. Though my Arai quantum 2 is by the most plush. my 2 cents.... COngrats on the new lid what color is it?
  7. umm i beat you too it look one post above yours.

    i agree awsome helmet
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  8. Sweet, I saw that you had posted that right as I asked for the address!... I already ordered them crackup: :mrgreen:... Thats a ton of help man thanks a million I have asked several stores in my area and all I ever get is..... huh?.....
  9. ya i thought i was S.O.L when i broke mine. but luckly it forced my to buy my fog free.
  10. tophyr

    tophyr Forum Cripple

    I had one a couple years ago and liked it. The paint started to chip off the "feature" plastic parts though, but I only paid something like $140 for the lid. I really liked the "rubatone" paint they had.

    Now I wear a Scorpion and it's even better, as far as aerodynamics and fogging go. Doesn't look as cool though :(
  11. fogging is not at all an issue. i will never buy another helmet that does not have the fog free as an option
  12. I have been sporting a rubatone mainframe for the last two years as well and i love it. I also had to replace the lens and went with the dark smoke:ninja: which is real nice when your hangin twisties and come around a cliff face and lok into the sun, yeah i still wear the glasses too.

    I had to also replace the ratcheting mechanism to but the dealers around here stock them for 10 bucks so .who cares.

    I traded up from a scorpion and damn best decision I ever made!:mrgreen:
  13. i almost got the rubetone. ya the gear kit is not to expencive i thought it was going to be more
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  14. Thanks for the review. I have been strongly contemplating switiching from Shoei to Icon and was wondering about the quiet factor. (Us naked bike riders need a quiet helmet.)

    Good write up!
  15. bukwld

    bukwld Moderator Staff Member

    I went and got a fog free visor yesterday night and was riding home in 40* weather, and it made a world of difference. I can ride with the visor all the way down and it's so much quieter. made the final decision for me to get the chatterbox that I wanted.. +1 for the info man!!
  16. i went from the shoei RF-900 to the icon and im not looking back at all. like i said wind noise is way down but ambiant noises (motor, road noise, exhaust you know the things you wanna hear) has gone up overall volume went down

    if you were to make a cut out of the ear pocket out of a peice of soft foam and velcro'd it into the ear slot it would be really quite.
  17. glad i was able to help out. im thinking about doing another writeup on a pair of first gear gloves i got recently got that i really enjoy.
  18. after further use of the fog free sheild. i have discovered that it does stop fogging but it gets condensation which is worse and better than fog.

    when a normal screen fogs. it usually takes a moment or 2 to clear it up. when you get condensation in it. it could take 4-5 minutes to clear up causing a nasty view while riding.
  19. Icon Helmet review? I got a review for you.

    Landed on my head first at about 100mph in T2 at PR. And walked away.

    Pissed that I had to buy a new helmet, but really can't complain too much... considering...

    ...makes a great conversation piece now... :)

  20. damn even the vent ports stayed intact.

    for 150 a pop there a damn good helmet
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