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Idaho Falls/Rexburg

Discussion in 'Boise Region' started by PinkMohawkDude, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Was going to rehash another thread, but this place is pretty dead so I'll make another. Looking at possibly moving to the Idaho Falls/Rexburg area. Any sportbike riders out there? I honestly prefer riding with people and not having many/any fellow sportbike folks would be a deal breaker for me. What's your riding season like? Are there any good twisties to be found within a reasonable distance? I'm currently in southern Oregon.
  2. alrighty, I can answer the riding season for you, because I spent 2 years in Pocatello, and give general answers for the rest....pretty similar to eastern oregon, depending on your elevation

    If you don't mind cold, you can ride from late Feb (sometimes) to late Nov.

    yes, there are sportbike riders out there...I don't nkow any groups.

    yes, there are twisties, you are in the mountains of Idaho, for pete's sake!

    oh, and say hi to my homies when you are there...

  3. I'm guilty of only looking at maps for the Rexburg area. :roll: The roads looked pretty straight for the most part, and my gf said it was potato growing country so I assumed pretty flat and straight. It'd be awesome if there were any groups around the area that like to ride at a quick pace.
  4. yeah, lots of farming. but the hills are close.
  5. What is a quick pace? And let's see some pics of the girlfriend
  6. There are some really good roads in S.E. Idaho. I'll show you around if you hook me up with your sister. :mrgreen:
  7. I'd totally hook you up with my sister. If I had one.. :nana
  8. I've been out to Rexburg twice to take my daughter to college and pick her up. There were lots of sportbikes running around. It freaked me out to see so many running around without skull buckets. I think they were mostly college students. I didn't see any great roads in the towns, but I think there are some good ones nearby. The Grand Tetons are just east. Yellowstone is about 90 miles NE of Rexburg. I was only there in the summer. I think it's too cold and the roads are icy in the winter.

  9. There's alot of dumbass squids around here who think gear isn't cool. :roll: The roads suck ass from October to march around here and i'm at least 60 miles south of Rexburg. But the summers are nice and not too hot.
  10. So I take it there's no helmet law in ID? That's some crazy sh..stuff. You guys can still plate bikes that do not come street legal from the factory over there too can't ya? It'd almost be worth moving just for a nice 'tard.

  11. Only helmet law is for 16 and under. Yes you have to put plates on your tard. And not talking about your mom.
  12. use to live in IF idaho falls not bad town 4th of july there can be as many as 60 to 80 bikes line up at beltway. mostly young guys no helmets at all.
    stay the hell away from rexburg bad news wantabe cowboys and the cops dont care for sport bikes at least ten years ago thats the way it was and in small towns things are slow to change.
    pocatello isnt bad
    always liked going to alpine then to jackso wy and back through the teton pass and into driggs good fun
    good luck
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2010
  13. The Alpine, Jackson, Teton loop is one of my favorites.
  14. Most roads that have corners just don't have that many linked, tight ones. Everything is kinda just gentle sweepers. I've ridden many miles to try and find some corners, but there are few around.

    Some folks belong to Utah Sportbike Association and do track days down at Miller. Fastline Race Tire is located here in IF and he has the Michelin tire contract at Miller. So, there are a few folks around who go to the track, but they are few and far between.

    IMHO, it's so bad that last week I rented a ZX6R while I was in Tennessee to go ride the Dragon and Cherohala Skyway. I figure I did about 2000 corners in 8 hours. My 45 mile commute to work here in Idaho involves 12 total corners, including the turn out of my driveway, fer cryin' out loud!

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