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I'm baaaaaaack... :-D

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Scooter Junkie, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. It followed me home! Guess I better keep it!




    I tried to go without a motorcycle...but I just couldn't do it! Picked up this '07 wee-strom to get in some long distance touring! :mfclap: Gonna get it cleaned up and methinks it's time for a Baker run!
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  2. you didnt stay in hawaii long. Oh and nice scooter yellow seat looks good on it crackup:

  3. :mfclap:Nice!!! The DL is such a great bike. What's dave getting to ride now? He needs something to do longer rids on! Should Join a ride or 2.8)
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  4. Nice Ride........did you get rid of the KTM?
  5. Rob- I'm still getting used to it!! It's a way different ride, but so totally bitchin. Heavy though. But it's just so....smooth! Gonna have to take my paint to the store now to get it shaken. :mrgreen: Dave is moving up to a 950 KTM Adventure! He's picking it up from Boise next week. Couldn't let me have a bigger bike than him, ya know. :nana

    Watchmaker - Sadly yes. :( However Grantizzle ought to be getting some good use out of it, he was like a kid on Christmas picking it up!! crackup: Made losing it a lil easier. Dave (greydot) is selling his as well.
  7. Lol the KTM was a paintshaker. :roll:

    I love the color! It's charcoal grey with really pretty sparkles in the sun! :mfclap:
  8. Great bikes. I almost got one but decided on the Versys. They do feel heavy after coming off smaller bikes but once you get moving no worries.
  9. How do you like your Versys? Have you taken it offroad at all?
  10. Love the Versys. Just got back from a 9 day two up ride with my wife. A little cramped with hard bags and top box but fine for a few hours at a time.

    I ride gravel all the time on it. Did some dirt roads two up last week.crackup: Take it easy and it will go anywhere. Went to Alaska last year two up with my 13 y/o. Probably did 50 miles of gravel on that ride.

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