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I'm Back

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by ronrdrcr, May 16, 2010.

  1. Thanks to Lena, I got my permissions back to post. So you should be seeing me on here a little more now.

    Going out to Morrow County with the family on Wednesday to camp with the quads so no riding for me for the next week or so until I get back.

  2. what ya dont wanna ride a quad? very dangerous contraptions who eat there riders on a regular basis! teach your kids 2 wheels, quads are for people who cant ride! all will be better riders in the end & thank you later in life! or can am riders early in life! lol!

  3. Was nice to meet you and ride with you the other day Ron! Hope to do it again!
  4. Good to see you back on here Ron. Have fun camping with the quads. I think the upcoming weather this week is going to suck for rides from what I've been seeing. Hopefully it will be better for you camping.
  5. Yeah, it's supposed to start raining out in Morrow county soon. Which is fine with me, I like getting muddy on the quad.

  6. Yeah, I know, but when I was looking at bikes the best price I could find on a new one was the same as what I paid new for both of the quads for the wife and I. That and we can take the kids with us until they get big enough for their own bikes (which will be next year for Raina when we move back to the east coast hopefully).


    oih yeah, and I'm too lazy to put that much energy off
  7. You're not moving back east. I'm going to find out who's in charge of CG assignments, and have them keep you here till you retire.
  8. ^ now that's just cruel
  9. ^^^ He'll thank me later. The west coast is much better.

  10. You're right, it is better, but with the current state of some of my older relatives, we want to go back so they have time with their great grandkids. We also need some warm weather for a little while before we venture into more cold

  11. You can experience Florida warmth by going into the sauna at the gym. For the full effect, do it fully dressed. That will cure you.
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  12. Lol rep...