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I'm Bad Ass

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by centicide, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. The pipes are aimed the wrong way for that... Yeah that's why they have to be so effing loud! crackup:

  2. I don't get why people think sound doesn't go forwards. Have you ever heard something that was behind you?
  3. You are not getting many reply posts to this thread as it is too true.crackup:
  4. Does somebody need to come in here and explain the Doppler Effect?

    I sure hope not.
  5. Yes, please.
  6. Here's a quick primer: Doppler Effect, as explained by Aspies.

    Not to mention that sounds do not travel well against their own, or other wave fronts. Exhaust sound does not travel forward well, as it has to fight against the movement of the exhaust gas (same as being caught in a strong wind - that's kinda how mufflers work...), and is muted by any other sound waves passing in other directions that are of the same frequency. (like, say, slightly higher-freq sounds emitted by the engine that get stretched lower at speed)

    In short: Loud pipes do produce more noise, but not much more in a forward direction. Sideways and backwards are pretty much it. It's like screaming into a hurricane - sound traveling into the wind doesn't go very far.

    Loud pipes are about ego. Nothing more.
  7. Fags, of the South Park type. I like low-key, quiet.

    "White trash mating call." crackup:
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    I've always thought if you have a little respect for the people around you. Maybe the people around you wont make laws to get rid of you.
  9. Yeah, I'm no fan of regulation, but there are a few tards who could use a bit of it. Or help with the penis thing.
  10. The funny part about it is the truth in the subject matter. I just think of all the money that was wasted when these bikes were wrecked by these idiots. hahaha