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I'm looking for 600cc motorcycle

Discussion in 'Roseburg' started by gvtwest, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Just sold the Ninja and back on the market for something with two wheels.
    I'm looking for:
    - 2003-2009
    - minor fairing scratches are ok
    - ideally, I need CBR600RR or GSXR 600/750 because I'm only 5'3 but I would be happy with 636 ZX6R, R6 as well.
    - mid season price deals (whoever wanted to ride already got their bikes?)

    Any help is much appreciated!
  2. this post feels like i'm on some dating site

    "hi, my name is joe and i'm looking for someone 23 to 29. divorced with kids is OK. interested in hispanic or asians (because i'm short and they're short too).

    go on CL.

  3. OP is looking to buy a motorcycle on a motorcycle website, your douchey troll adds nothing here.
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  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Well said!:mfclap:
  5. Thank you, guys.
    There are many people here who know more about motorcycles than me. I'm not too proud to take advice, guidance or suggestions from the experts.

    I'd rather get a bike from pnwriders buddy than CL lemon. Most of us are here because we are motorcycle enthusiasts and we like to take care of them, right?
  6. For what it's worth, I know how you feel. I found a few bikes on CL and showed them to my brother (4 years riding, and knows something about bikes) when I finally went to look at one I took him with me, and he actually got the guy to knock off 500 because of some dings on the bike. If you can't find one on here, look on CL and when you go to look at it, take someone you trust (who knows bikes) with you. Having someone who knows what to look for should help you keep from buying a bad bike. Just my .02
  7. I'll keep an eye out for ya Daniel. If you find something, let me know, i'll go with you to look at it.
  8. Thank you!
  9. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Another option...

    Don't be afraid to spend an hours shop time. Have the bike your looking at 'inspected' by a motorcycle shop. They will know the models in's and out's.
    They can check the chain, brakes, charging system, go over it for hidden crash damage, ect.

    If the seller isn't agreeable to a professional inspection (which YOUR paying for) walk.
    Don't look back. There are alot of bikes for sale.
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  10. +1 also a great idea
  11. So, how goes the search? Did you look at the CBR from Brookings?
  12. I thought you disapproved it. He would not take $3500. $4000 is the lowest he can go.
  13. Can anyone explain how to figure out the price for a certain bike?
    Should I use KBB?
    It looks like everyone wants close to kbb retail value (representative of dealers' asking prices for a used unit in excellent condition) or above.
    It's funny how people say all the time that "bike was down by previous owner". Nobody wants to admit that they dropped the bike?
  14. My favorite is "I laid it down." Right, that makes it sound like you stretched out a nice quilted blanket and gently eased her over in your grass back yard.

    You crashed it, that's why it looks like that. I have crashed my shit before as well, and none of it is anything like "layed it down" makes it sound.

    Good luck with your search. As a fellow short person (5'6") you may find the newer R6 to be a bit tall for your inseam. They don't bother me too bad, as I have learned to adapt, but I know they put a lot of people without long legs out of their comfort zone.
  15. The Duc doesn't look too bad, but I don't know too much about those. I am sure I could add that to the collection and all the people that know nothing about bikes could look at it and say "Oh man, I bet that Ducati is sooo fast!" crackup:

    Looks like a comfy little ST bike though.
  16. I just got this absolutely beautiful 2009 Honda CBR600RR with 547 miles!
  17. Congrats on the new bike! I knew you'd find a good one.
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