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innocent asshatery

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by 2 dizzy, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. I know that everyone who rides a motorcycle is an honest, respectable, law abiding citizen. We NEVER speed, we ALWAYS show respect to other motorists, and NOONE has ever ridden a wheelie or done any other "crazy" maneuver on any kind of public roadway ever, regardless of the time of day. (cough cough cough. Sorry allerigies)

    HOWEVER, there are things that bikers do that are legal, and (to some) rather funny, even though it might be kind of "mean" or "rude" to joe cager or someone else. What types of "innocent fun" do you guys have that (for whatever reason) you just can't seem to stop yourself from doing? Let's share laughs. I'll start.

    Usually in town, I'll be riding a see a group of people walking down the sidewalk or shoulder of a public roadway. Keep in mind these "people" are usually teens who are to old and to cool to stay at home and do nothing all day (over 12) and still to young/broke/immature to drive themselves where they need to go (under 18-20). Whenever I see groups like this (especially worth it if someone in the group looks "gangsta" and is surrounded by girls he's trying to impress) I can't help it. I will grab a handful of clutch so the gears disengage, and roll up to them as close to the edge of the roadway as is safely possibly. As my front tire gets even with the group, I romp on the throttle and make the exhaust scream. I watch the reaction in my mirror as I let out the clutch and drive casually away. I can't help but laugh to myself inside my helmet. The "hardest" people in the group are always the ones that jump the highest. And the looks of "what the fuck was that" on their faces is PRICELESS!!

    I know it's kind of a (legal) dick move to do, but I can't help myself.

    (the devil made me do it)

    Anyone else partake in LEGAL asshatery every now and again?
  2. I ride my bike however the hell I want, and ignore the haters.

    That said, I usually don't pull shit on people I don't know just because I think it's funny.

  3. wow..... kinda of a dick move....
  4. I usually just scare cagers by lane splitting. You know, the slow or special or retarded, cagers that can't grasp the idea of someone getting somewhere sooner than they will and reducing their commute time as well.
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  5. There must be an echo in here. LOL.

    I admit it's kind of a dick move. But I still think it's funny as hell. When you see someone walk into a walk/pole/parked car cause they aren't paying attention to what they're doing, do you help them every single time, or do you laugh at them for it? Cause ya know, laughing at someone who gets hurt is kind of a dick move too. *shrugs*

    I admitted it was a dick move. Now.....when you're done calling me a dick (which I freely admit to being) and you stop laughing (cause you can picture yourself doing it to someone else)... Why don't you share one of your "I just can't help it"- isms of riding?
  6. sorry.... i ride a sumo i follow all the rules of the road sir

    no asshatery here

  7. I Hooked an old lady's walker in a cross walk with my beetle bag, she screamed so hard her upper denture fell out and scattered fake teeth everywhere I laughed so hard I nearly fell off the bike and it fogged my lid so bad we were on the sidewalk by the time i could see again. I kept it pinned though, I made it to triple digits before she let go, the cartwheels she did into oncoming traffic were epic. She looked like she cleared the grill on the bus and passed safely through the windshield, I bet she'll be telling that story for years. I sold the walker on cl.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. Mic

    Mic Retired

    Actually, what you just admitted to is what is called "Disrupting/Disturbing the Peace" and it is against the law.

    Good job.
  10. When I get behind some douche cager who thinks his car is fast in the twisties, I have to make it obvious that he is a slow turd. To do so, I take the corners with one hand on the throttle, and use the other hand to motion as if I'm covering my yawning mouth. The said douche will almost always notice this because they're constantly checking their rear view to see how far back in the dust they are leaving you. I can't just leave them disappointed, I must make it apparent that they're moving at incredibly boring pace.
  11. I may or may not have done this to an Integra today. 2 guys and two girls on the way back from the lake today :ninja: Guy was cornering so hard all the passengers had death grips on the bitch handles. When I went by them with my knee on the ground flipping off a random photog the looks on their faces was priceless.
  12. Don't go looking for trouble. With this activity it will find you sooner than later. Just go do what you enjoy and let them do what they enjoy doing. Don't poke a stick in the hornet's nest.
  13. I do the classic bike pedal motion when I pass by the spandexed out bicyclists who seem to always see the need to lane split to the front of lights when they are the slowest ones there...
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  14. acutally what you said you do is called an exibition of speed and is illegal.. its the implication of speed racing, the wording of some laws is what will get you.. and definitely a dick move, but man is it funny to see some thug wanna be jump like a lil bitch. guilty, i do it too but have heard horror stories of cops writing people up for revving like that.
  15. i think the lane split wheelie i witnessed was my all time favorite. (years ago in cali).
  16. You know the slow old cagers, the type that is glued to the left lane but drive so slow you can die from boredom? Those with the "hollier than thou" approach? Well, when I pass these righteous people I ride my bike as if it's a horse - whip, jumping up and down and hollering pretty loud. The looks on their faces are priceless B-)
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  18. crackup:
  19. Jims08Z06

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    Agreed, that's a hard one to top...AJ
  20. I'd be afraid one of the "thugs" would pull out a .25 and start shooting at me...
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