Installation job (Westside) ~ MUST be able to travel

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  1. There is an immediate need for an installer at a small company in Kent. They do automatic lubrication pumping systems; mainly for construction machinery / logging equipment.

    I believe starting wage is $18 / hr.

    It is requested for insurance purposes that you be 25+ yrs old.

    Work is done in all weather conditions and times of day.

    Travel outside of the state is required. Mostly to Oregon, Cali, some Idaho, Hawaii a few times a year for a week(s) at a time, and maybe Alaska.

    Electronic / trouble shooting knowledge, read / follow schematics, and basic welding needed for the job. Common sense knowledge of articulation of machinery & attachments needed ~ as to not short the lines to snap and/or pinch them.

    You can PM me with further questions or call them directly.
    Northwest Automatic Lubrication
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    what kind of lube??? waaah waaah
  3. Damnit insurance is laaaame.

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