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Installed a gps/phone usb charger on my bike :)

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by DanielE36, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. NOTICE..
    This is only something i did on my bike that i have been wanting to try, Please dont consider using this as your only means of comunication, directions etc. Always carry extra batteries for ALL of your electronic equipments that you must depend on to get to your destination always know where you are going and inform people on what your point of destination is and what routes you are planing to take.. With that said thank you for ur time and always be safe out there.

    Like most of us riders i usually ride with my headphones ON listening to music on my phone or i carry my Garmin gps for when i just want a day on my own and want to get lost on a back road somewhere..8)

    Well all of this is fine but there is always one big prboblem, Battery drains pretty quickly and now i find myself not being able to call anyone or get directions from my gps or phone.

    Now i have to think how im gonna find my way back or how im going to call someone if something happens, ( i do carry a spare emergency phone)

    So i had the day off today from work and was thinking of ways to find a solution for this problem... Finally here it is :mfclap:

    I went to my local Fry's electronics store and picked up a dual usb charger for a car, solder iron, spare wires, fuses.

    Got home put the bike on the stands and started working:

    So i cut the usb charger in half so that the cigarette lighter part would b out of the way and i could have access to the wires, then i soldered the wires from the usb charger with the spare wires i bought and installed a fuse on the + charge wire, then i used the switch that the previews RO used to install a under glow kit :roll: (first thing i got rid off when i purchased the bike)

    So i used this as the power on/off switch for the charger

    Next i routed the wires form the battery and the switch and made them fit nice and snuggly thru the fairing and the frame out of the way offcourse (wires on top of the batt. are only there since i was just trying to see if it worked)

    Next moment of truth... It worked [​IMG]

    And i still have enough room for my tool kit and first aid kit it harldy takes any room and i can move it as i want to since it is held on by velcro, best part it didnt add almost any weight to the back of the bike :mrgreen:
    Oh and did i mention i dont have to have my keys in the ignition..

    So there u have it a good project i guess for those long rides and emergency situations.. Thanks for looking
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  2. Grantizzle

    Grantizzle Moderator Staff Member


    As a suggestion from someone who has had to oust start his Nike due to leaving a GPS plugged in over night, I'd suggest a relay so your bike has to be on in order for these things to work. A relay is a simple install that could save a headache down the line.

  3. Sweet. I got a trailer plug in power adaptor for five bucks lets me plug it into my battery tender plug and plug anything that uses the plug in power.
  4. Nice do it yourself. I picked up a cigarette lighter that plugs right in to the same plug that the battery tender uses from Fred Meyer's for $10, charges everything that I need, but limited to the trail. Also have a hard wired USB port attached to the handle bars, works for when I'm using my phone as a gps.
  5. Hmmm thank u i will conside it.. alltough i didnt want to have my keys in the ignition to b able to charge what i need so i installed the on/off switch
  6. KevinD

    KevinD Modulator Staff Member

    Grant has a valid point: your GPS uses a fair amount of power, and a motorcycle battery doesn't have much reserve, and will drain quickly. It would be a good idea to connect a relay, or tap into a switched power lead rather than connecting directly to the battery.

    It's all too easy to forget to flip the switch...

  7. Nice work Daniel. If you got spare wire left, and wanna show me how to do that, I'm gonna bring my bike down before the ride this weekend and we can do the same to my bike. Whatcha think?
  8. Heh, I was just thinking about doing something like this over the weekend. However instead of a switch, I am going to connect a relay to the ignition circuit, with the power lead running directly from the battery. Bike power on = charger on. Figure that 5v at .5A won't be enough of a drain to prevent the bike from starting. Wish there was a direct 5v source though, rather than having to waste energy pulling it down from 12v.

    Nice job!
  9. Just out of curiosity, why did you devise a system that charges your GPS, but doesn't power it when it's on? :scratchea
  10. It does power ON but i took the pic as soon as i flipped the switch thats why the screen was loading.

  11. Hmm the more i hear about the relay the more iam considering it.. Let me know how yours works out.. Thnx
  12. Thanks Man.. Yeah no prob. it will have to be around 5:30ish pm when i get off work and get home

  13. :scratchea... crackup:
  14. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    I see a huge problem with your install.....there needs to be a fuse immediately after the positive connection on the battery to prevent bad things from happening. Quick fix that will save your ass.
  15. Wait are you talking about after the conection i made to the usb charger?? cause there is one..

    Or are u talking about the actual wires that power the bike??
  16. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    I'm talking for your USB charger. It needs to be right after the positive connection. If the wire between the battery and the fuse shorts, it will make bad things happen as it's before the fuse and the fuse has no effect. Only shorts AFTER the fuse will make the fuse blow....FYI. Put the fuse as close as possible to the battery.
  17. Ah got it will redo asap.. Thnks
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