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international oldtimers motocross

Discussion in 'Adventure Time' started by crfracer96, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. upcoming event at washougal put on by Oregon oldtimers MX.

    July 7/8.
    Classes start at 30 year old +
    NO MINI's/quads!
    yes there is a support class for under 30 year olds too (beg, int, exp) i think support has to be sponsored by a member of club.
    5- 15 or 20 minute motos (3 sat) (2 sun) experience level (beginner to masters) determines race time
    20 min practice sessions both days
    Saturday eve has a buffet meal included in price..

    CATCH: if your older than 30, become a member of Washington oldtimer motocross club (25$)
    website for WOTMX for forms

    So far, Gary (LSECA) and myself are in

    FREE camping, NO spectator fees!

    100$ per class for the whole weekend. you will not find any cheaper event on the best national mx track in the country. The group is wonderful too. Try getting 2 actual hours on that track during a whole season of open practice sessions there.

    Yes ladies, you are welcome to race as well.. (DEBI come racing!)

    any questions just ask me, my phone is in my profile
  2. damn that looks fun!!!! gotta get my shit put back together.

  3. As of right now I am in. Get some more Info the support class for me.
  4. i thought i would bump this as we are a week out. weather looking like it will corporate. only gary in so far, anyone else?

    this is the best event at washougal of the year, track time, people, costs are the absolutely best.

    WHO'S IN?

    Gary (LSECA)