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Introduction: New to Ellensburg

Discussion in 'Ellensburg' started by superlund, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Hello there,
    I am new to Ellensburg, I moved from Seattle. Currently, I am going to CWU for my Masters in Computer Science and its my first quarter here.

    So it appears like the ellensburg section of pnwriders is dead! Where are most of the rides at? (except the westside) I would love to go on a ride, get to know people and explore the area.
    For now, I am riding an R1 but that will change very soon. I go through many bikes a year. Anyways, most importantly, anyone up for a ride sometime in the near future?
  2. Welcome to the Burg. You are correct on the Ellelnsburg section being dead, there are a few of us floating around here and there though. Most of the rides are in the Yakima area but since it is this late in the year most riders have or are putting their bikes away.
    If I can get my shoulder feeling better I would be up for a ride.

  3. I ride all year but i think Ellensburg winter may take a toll on me. I see alot of riders in ellensburg everyday and the ratio of riders to members here is not right. Atleast in Seattle, there are more active people on the forum than you really see riding. With that in mind, i thought there would be more people here. Anyways, i hope your recovery goes well so we can plan something out!
  4. really? maybe if your averaging 100 with a spedo healer on hahaha!
  5. nah I lived there for a year and commuted each day...its only 32 miles from center of city to center of city and going speed lmy only 25 minutes from hwy to hwy
  6. wierd, it took me 40 minutes on r1 when i was doing 80, 85
  7. I know its a couple months late, but take the short cut n the fun way to yakima. CAYON RD. =P
    should take you 25 mins.
  8. oh man i never knew about that, gotta that i guess
  9. I am down to ride! I have a r6 and looking for people to go riding with as well. Just let me know.
  10. Welcome to the site. :)

    What year is your R6? Is it your first bike?

  11. It is a 07' R6. Yes, it is my first street bike. I am just taking it slow. It has been a blast so far.
  12. My buddy got one too same yr. Maybe well see you around soon.

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  13. just got my bike back from being repaired... high side 10mph damn sand oh well all is well
    was going to ride today but too windy for my liking.
  14. i have seen a white r6 or r1 didnt see that close but have seen one around town a few times. one day he was going by the ford dealer with a flat tire. i was wondering what was going on there? dose anyone know him?
  15. Damn that's a bummer!! You shoulda came to me for the repairs!
  16. it was all covered under insurance. and i got a few new goodies and new rubber..
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