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Is anyone filling in for Epic on 9/21?

Discussion in 'Track Time' started by misterwaterfallin, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. It looks like Epic was supposed to be running the Friday practice day on 9/21 which is the Friday before the last WMRRA round at Pacific. I was hoping to get some more time in, but it looks like this is still empty. Is anyone going to be running an event on the 21st?
  2. So no practice day before the last round? Lame

  3. Cant imagine anyone taking on a losing venture!:angry7:
  4. Is there really that big of a difference in attendance a week later? There's 2 track days scheduled for the middle of next week.
  5. Fridays at Pacific are hella expensive. Almost guaranteed to be a loss for any organization.
  6. Every event at Pacific this year has been a flop, so no not realy.
  7. As of right now, I know that one of the orgs is projecting a loss. The other based on roll call and previous attendance is probably also projecting a loss.

    Yup. Attendance is way down for Pacific events. One of the orgs has not had a single day in the green while operating at Pacific this year. Seriously considering either not running Pacific next year or very few days.
  8. I would like to go to both events next week but work is stupid. Stupid work.
  9. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    while its been fun riding at all the empty pacific days this year i'm sure every org has taken a significant hit on those days and wouldn't touch the 21st with a ten foot poll.

    what really gets me is after reading an article about the ridge the other day the owners of pacific came off like they were glad to see a 'backup' track available to fill in the gaps when they're too busy... what a bunch of ignorant fucks they must be if they actually believe they're still the number one facility in the pnw.
    the ridge is cheaper
    the ridge is better(even without power & water)
    the ridge is more willing to adapt to customer requests/needs
    the ridge doesn't force us to shut down early to keep the knuckle draggers errr drag racers happy
    at the very least Rod & i say hi to each other every time i am out there.
    i've not only never knowingly seen or met the owner of pacific i've been told numerous times to never approach anyone that works for pacific directly...

    unless pacific restructures their pricing plan i'll be amazed if we see more than a handful of dates there next season which saddens me because the track is a lot of fun.
  10. I'm pretty ignorant to the fine details of making money on track days, so that does make sense.

    Hopefully the ridge is around to ride on next year with decent pavement. After listening to Rod talk that may be a big "if"
  11. yard sale

    yard sale snowshoe kitten... prrr...

    i'm pretty pissed i didn't make the meeting assuming that's where he talked about it.
  12. Yea he talked about the current state of the track and ongoing issues. His answer to the question of if there will be racing there in 2013 was: As of now I'm not sure(paraphrased of course). He did seem pretty optimistic but the top race layer has to be pretty far off at this point.
  13. I hadn't heard anything about the future of The Ridge at the last track day I attended (Friday, Aug 31st), but I just read a recent article in the Seattle Times in which Rod talks about the future ownership being unclear.
  14. :mfclap:

    In my opinion, we are not abandoning Pacific, they are running us out of there little by little.

    On a lighter side of things - When the porta-potties at the ridge are cleaner to use than the actual "facilities" at Pacific....that should say a little something. They are running a tight ship out there. Pacific just does not seem to give a flying F about anything but making the $$.
  15. The difference is in the management, and attitude towards it's customers. Rod gives the same level of service to every paying customer, Pacific can't say that. Rod is passionate about all forms of racing, including bikes, while P.R. treats us like an inconvenience to all of the car events, a side show.

    I agree with Steve, P.R. has been slowly making life so effing difficult (and nickel and dimeing every customer) that it's almost impossible to justify the money we all spend there. I hope the ownership at The Ridge works its shit out, 2013 will be a bleak year if it doesn't.
  16. I thought that 2Fast had picked this day up... Guess not???

    Making hitting the ORP/PIR triple header instead awefully tempting...:scratchea

  17. You think from a pure financial stand point PR would want us to keep coming back if for no other reason than to make money. Now how's that track in Bremerton coming along...
  18. From that article, PR is trying to save all the money it can (and make as much as they can) to improve the entire facility within 5 years.

    It may suck now, but it seems like they're planning for the future.

    Sadly, even if they piss every last organization off, they'll still get business, and when it's repaved, and refreshed, people will come back.

    It also doesn't sound like the ridge is in trouble, it sounds like someone's going to get pushed out, or bought out, but the money will still be there, from one source or another.
  19. PR has been "planning for the future" for a long time. I believe their statement of improving within 5 years is a direct response to the existence of The Ridge and the bar that they have set. Their repave of turn 2 was the closest I've seen to any sort of of pavement improvements in recent years. At the last WMRRA round, TOR had to be cancelled in order to temporarily repair pavement in the middle of turn 7 that had come up and began to crumble. PR is definitely due for a serious repave. At this rate, it won't last 5 years.

    You're right about people coming back to PR. As long as you have people who love riding on the track, they'll keep coming back. The problem is with the organizations. An organization can only lose money for so long before it turns belly up. The last couple years has proven that with the dissolution of 3 organizations. It's a vicious cycle. Kill off some orgs and hope that others form and return. What you end up doing is a disservice to the riders. Either you end up with inferior customer service due to inexperience or unreasonably high prices to get on the track. Or both.

    The Ridge is definitely in trouble. It's not about the money or who's getting pushed in or out. It's about who will be managing it in the near future and who has control right now. At the end of this season, Rod will no longer be the track manager. What's worse is the hands the track is currently in. Lawyers. It's up to them to appoint a new track manager for next year. We all know that when lawyers get involved, it's not always in the best interest of the people. Rod ran The Ridge like it was his own baby - because it was. The lawyers who control it now have no concept of how to run a track or the personal interest in promoting motorsports. Right now things seem to be chugging along at least in the generally positive direction albeit slowly. Reality is that the lawyers are just as happy to see the track sit idle while they work out the legal battle between all involved. So yes - The Ridge will be there until grass and trees grow through it and someone will own the property but that doesn't mean that we get to ride on it.
  20. Shitty situation. :( How is the response of the 4 wheel vehicles any different? Obviously there are much higher risk to motorcyclists as loss of traction results in crashing much more often then 4 wheeled vehicles. With the presence of so few MC organizations, the Cars may not be making enough noise to put it on the radar? (I'm stipulating, as I don't really follow much of PR.)

    It is a vicious cycle. And with every year of experience lost, it really does kick the riders in the jewels. I'm actually very impressed with OPRT and how fast they not only started, but worked out the kinks in the organization so quickly: At least from an outsiders view. By the 2nd event, it felt natural.

    With that being said, it shows that it's possible to get something going effectively, with the right people, lets just hope PR doesn't destroy another 1 or 2 orgs so it has to be done.
    Sadly, sometimes when you treat something like your baby, you don't always have the apathy required to look at what's best for the organization. And I'm not saying that's "right", but when you get a guy who'll move barriers, trees, ect, ect, ASAP, by the end of the day, you can waste a lot of money and time that investors don't want to see drained so fast. He really did do what's best for US, but it sounds like his partners want some green back in their wallet?
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