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Is Dani Pedrosa man or machine?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by beansbaxter, Oct 22, 2006.

Dani Pedrosa: Is he...

  1. Man

  2. Machine

  3. Martian

  4. Mystical Manifest of Hervé Villechaize

  5. Magic

  1. Dani Pedrosa: What is he - man or machine? Be sure to vote in the poll.
  2. I didn't vote because it didn't have gay in the poll:nana

  3. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Gay, and 'The Village Idiot'!
  4. Gleno

    Gleno Running with scissors!

    I didn't vote too.

    Complete Flaming DoucheNozzle wasn't in the poll. censored:
  5. man! only a man would make a stupid mistake like that!

    only a man would let his ego get in the way of a team mates success.

    he's only a man !!
  6. You forgot whinny little bitch crackup: That's what I'll vote for
  7. Enough name calling....I was TIRED...OK?!?! :thefinge: crackup:
  8. The guy made a simple mistake. He is simply a young man who thought he could still win the championship and blew it.
  9. Gleno

    Gleno Running with scissors!

    Far from acceptable theory. He is a paid pro, at the TOP level of M/C racing. Ignorant "mistakes" of that nature have no place in that venue.
  10. Jafar

    Jafar Retired Admin

    he has been racing for awhile, but he is one of the youngest guys out there. my guess is that when you get out on the track, in a race, all the things that, say, a person who is watching the race is thinking about: i.e. don't take chances near Nicky, can and may be left at the starting line.

    the animal inside you takes over, and for good or bad you forget to be sensible. isn't that part of what racing is about anyway? i mean, i've been out on the track bumping into guys when it was just a track day! how stupid it that? i just wasn't thinking at the time, i was riding!
  11. Moto

    Moto Safety Wire King didn't have "makes millions of dollars a year" or, "one of the best riders on the planet" either:roll:

    Dani thinks your ghey.
  12. Moto

    Moto Safety Wire King

    i still can't believe you guys are pissed of at Pedrosa because he was involved in an incident that resulted in Hayden getting a DNF> how many DNFs has Rossi had this year? how many DNFs has Pedrosa had this year? how many DNFs has Hayden had this year?..what?..oh, that's right...just one.
  13. He's still a whinney little bitch! crackup:
  14. Moto

    Moto Safety Wire King

    you mean Hayden right lol.
  15. Yeah......him too.
    I don't know what all the fuss is about, Rossi is going to win it all anyway!!!:evil4:
  16. yeah i wanted to put gay too or dumbass or asshat or something but man will have to do , dont give him to much credit yet
  17. Where is local ass hat for a poll option? I am not voting..
  18. Motorcycle man

    Motorcycle man Telemark Rider

    Lets al quit whining about how Hayden deserved to win, and Dani blew it for him. He can only win because Rossi had so many freaking DNF's! Every time he didn't hav equipment failure he was wooping Haydens ass.
  19. As lame as it is that Pedrosa took out Hayden, it wouldn't even be close if Rossi hadn't had bike problems (and multiple times).
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