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Is F.M.L. an acceptable title?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by 2 dizzy, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. I don't even know how to start this. First off, I woke up late. Which means I was running late to meet my brother this morning. Sooooooooo running late means......... I was a little faster than I shoulda been. Got pulled over 5 blocks from my brothers house. (79 in a 60. Really need to fix my damn speedometer:mrgreen:). Luckily, no ticket.... Nice cop.

    10 minutes later, going the opposite way on the same stretch of road......... My tire decides (for the 2nd time in 3 week:banghead:s) to go on strike:scared. Flat as fuck, in a construction zone, on the interstate. Got it to a gas station, pumped it up, and got it home. (less than one mile, and it was already flat when I got home.)

    So I go to my brothers house and get his car, so I can go get new tires today. LITERALLY 1 block from my house, my phone rings. I answer it, and have just enough time to say "I can't talk right now I'm driving." and hang up....and the leo on the bike going the other way saw me. Pulled me over IN MY DRIVEWAY.... result 124$ ticket. Just shoot me now.

    Here's the fun part.......... I know that wanting to learn how to work on my bike means I need to start acquiring certain gear, like tools, bike stands, spare parts, etc. And BELIEVE ME after the shit that happened this morning :angry7:Bike stands, and basic tool kit has firmly planted themselves in the top spots of "shit needed to get right away" list.

    I have new tires! YAY. Only 30 bucks for a set that are in great shape, lots of life and tread left. NOW............ How do I get my old wheels off my bike when I don't have the tools or the bike stands to do it? I can't afford to pay the shop 80 bucks a tire to do it. At the risk of sounding like a squid for blowing another tire (2 in the last 3 weeks) would ANYONE please be willing to come by with some tire stands and tools so I can take the wheel off the R6? Would anyone with the machinery/time/know how PLEASE be willing to mount and balance my new tires for me? And would whoever helps me take off the tires PLEASE help me get them back on correctly?:scratchea Thank you that is all.
  2. Do not understand why you'd pick up the phone just to tell someone you couldn't talk.

    Try contacting Cobra525 for a tire change.

    As for stands, plenty of people near you have them, just be patient.

    If you don't have one, post up the size socket you need for the rear so maybe whoever has stands comes with the correct tools to get the wheel off as well.

  3. It was my mom calling. If I don't answer her calls, she just hangs up and calls back. Over and over til I answer.

    As for the socket, good thought. The rear nut on my bike is a 32mm or 1 1/2 in socket. I remember that from replacing the tire last week.

    The front tire is 27mm on the axel. 12 mm for the pinch bolts.

    I can't afford much, but I could maybe buy a cold beer for whoever helps me out. or a pack of smokes for ya if you're a smoker. Or something. I know I should be able to come up with some sort adequate repayment for time wasted changing another tire for me. *shrugs*
  4. dizzle

    dizzle WHO is DANE?

    Yeah, the dude in Marysville can help you out .. he charges $20 a wheel, wheels on bike and $10 a wheel, off bike.

    I don't have the stands or the tools, but I can come over and delegate work. I'm great at bossing people around.
  5. You need to tell your mom firmly that if i dont answer its because im driving and tell her to leave you a message and you will call her as soon as you get done driving.....btw you might be able to get the ticket throwen out as the talking on a cell whilst driving is a secondary offence and not one that people can be pulled over for by its self...but i could be wrong they change laws like my son changes diapers lol
  6. As of June 1 2011 (I believe) talking while driving is no longer a secondary offense. Now if they see you yappin' they get slappin' (You with a ticket)

  7. Sooooo, one block from home you need to answer when she's going to call you right back anyway? :scratchea
  8. Yeah. I didn't say it was the smartest shit I've ever done. It was a really rough morning and I really wasn't firing on all cylinders. I was absent minded, and it's gonna bite me in the ass for it to.
  9. Man this sucks! At first when I was reading I thought I passed some of my good luck on to you about getting pulled over but not getting a ticket on the bike, until I read further. Hope you can get your bike back on 2 wheels and get that ticket dropped man! If I had the tools and stands I'd come up and help, but I don't have the stands.

    Hope we can ride soon man! Stay safe.
  10. I have a spare rear stand you can use if you want. Let me know if you need it. I'm off all day tomorrow, and can deliver if necessary.
  11. We've all had days like that from time to time. If I was closer I'd offer to help.

    One thing you can be positive about is that you got the ticket for talking on the phone and not the speeding. The speeding ticket would have likely been 2-3 times more expensive, and your insurance rates would have gone up.
  12. There is a guy in Kirkland that has a tire machine as well. MgfChaplin I think is his username.
  13. Public Service Announcement:

    Turn off the damn phone.

    Thank you.
  14. Thanks to everyone for their help. A guy from the forum has a biker friend, who took off the wheels, changed the tires, mounted and balanced them and then reinstalled them both for 20 bucks total. Best part was the guy lived 1 1/2 miles from my house, so it ws easy to get the bike to him.

    Hope to see some of you on a ride soon.
  15. I guess you won't be buying my Alarm then? lol sorry about all your mishaps! Hope you get better luck soon!
  16. Man, I want it. Especially for my brother. His bikes already been stolen once. If you still have it let me know. I'll try to work something out. Bad luck sucks, but I'd rather fix a flat on my bike than not have a bike.
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