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is there an issue with current model rmz250 cluthes?

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by fastfoodfred, Oct 6, 2012.

  1. My bro-in-law bought a 2011 rmz250 and has had a tough time getting the stupid clutch adusted. Either it has a lot of drag, not fully engaging or it has no free play at the other end and slips. He has tried a new cable and lever that pulled more cable, but that mostly increases his arm pump as it is now harder to pull. What's the deal? He is too big of a vag to ask, so I did.
  2. Take all the slack out of the cable adjustment, then tie the lever back to the grip and leave it that way overnight, then try adjusting it tomorrow.

    I know this sounds like Rainman shit, just try it :secret:

  3. Is there an adjustment under the gas tank like on a sport bike?
  4. A perch/lever mismatch can be the cause.
  5. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    Sounds like the new lever fixed the issue but introduced arm pump, from what he claims is too harsh of a pull. I'm inclined to believe that... but on the other hand, I know a lot of arm pump can come from lever position. I run my clutch and brake pretty close and it really cut down on the amount of arm pump I get. Perhaps try the same?
  6. I think he is just a pussy. He wants a two finger pull without it hitting him in the fingers that are on the bar grip. It just seems like there is a lot of clutch drag and wont fully engage. To make things worse, he installed a rekluse that does the same thing, except lets the engine stall. He has always been fighting the cable pull thing, though.

    This is all for trail riding, so i dont get his arm pump issues. He probably just tries too hard to keep up with me is all.
  7. jnicola

    jnicola Shredical

    Hmmm... quite possibly!

    I don't know how to get a two finger clutch pull that doesn't wack your remaining fingers... I just suffer through it!
  8. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Hydro clutch....loved the one on my KTM.
  9. I told him he should have bought a Yamaha, which is what he sold to get this.
  10. Check the "fingers" on the clutch basket, where the disks engage the basket.
    These quickly get grooved and cause disks to be very sticky/jerky.
    Stock MX baskets don't last very long on for serious MX applications.
    I always use Hinson baskets.
    It may also have stiffer clutch springs.
    My son is a serious MX racer and he likes super stiff clutch springs, lots of tension on clutch lever, but no slippage out of the gate.
    And if a recall correctly, in 2010ish, suzuki had some problems with warped disks/baskets, but in those case the clutch disks generally grenaded.
  11. Good idea on the Hinson basket. He tried to find one, but is too cheap to buy a new one. He only wants used.
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