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Isle of Man first day highlights

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Helinut, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. Love the TT! One day soon I will make it over there to watch in person.

  2. We watched from the Douglas Grands Stands, Sulby Straights, Creg-Ny-Baa, and Bungalow this year. A good strategy from inside or outside the course can offer great viewing areas. Home now but should be able to watch the seniors today via ITV4 unless rained out again.

    Already making reservations for 2013!
  3. Can you give us the general cost? Does it help to have a group? Is it already too late for 2013? Anyone up for a PNW group TTT (TT Trip) in 2014?
  4. Amazing... Simply awesome. Thanks for sharing the vid
  5. Found airfare Pasco to Belfast for $850
    Home stay was 90 pounds per day for two people (but lots of cheap camping)
    Ferry from Larne to IOM was 325 pounds for 1 car/2 people
    Watching the race is free any where on the course unless you want seating in the grandstands. (5-30 pounds a ticket)
    Food and pints are a little more than in the US
    You can fly from anywhere in Europe to IOM, then rent a car in Douglas if you don't want to ferry.
    Group rates may not apply.
    The ferries brought over 11,500 bikes to the IOM for this years event. This doesn't count all the bikes that were already there.

    If you are thinking about it... just go! Book early!
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