Isle of Man TT 2012 Video

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    Excellant POST!:mfclap:
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    Greatest race ever!!!
  3. WOW! It's like i'm in the seat. Those are BIG BALLS!!
  4. I did an interview with Chris Sarbora our own PNW IOM racer.....

    give it a listen and maybe even donate to the guy. 2013 will be his 3rd year at the event
  5. Thanks for sharing that podcast, it was a interesting listen. Chris sounds like a pretty cool guy. Awesome to see a local succeeding.

    Here is one more IoM video, check out the crash at around 1:30. I about jumped out of my shoes when I watched it.
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  7. If you can afford it, I recommend you try to see it live. I have my reservations again for 2013. Can't wait!
  8. Thats some serious WOT!
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    Then there is dumbass me. Crashed on Lap 1 in the 2011 Manx Grand Prix. I shouldn't have my head attached..
  10. 3:47~3:50 & 5:28~5:31.

    We need racing like this in america (GPTT-gifford/pinchot tourist trophy!) I'm wondering if the NASCRAP sheeples haven't been lulled into a catatonic trance w/ their heads going round in circles like some hilarious SNL skit on a disco floor w/ Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell & Chris Kattan for crissakes...ahaha. <---maybe that is the problem. A good slap for reality's sake?

    Nothing i can think of is more exciting than this on two wheels. Truly almost live or die stuff.

    Eastside is definitely more coo-coo for coa coa puffs...dam.
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