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It's official, I'm out...

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by ronrdrcr, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. of the PNW that is. Got my orders to Sector Lake Michegan in Milwaukee WI. Get to go over there and show all those Harley guys how you're supposed to ride a bike. I leave in June, we'll have to have a going away bbq before I go.

  2. Be careful of downtown Milwaukee at 5am. Super sketchy. Stopped and asked for directions at a gas station, and the clerk was in a plexi-glass dome with a movie theater style mic and and tray in the counter to exchange stuff in. That was the bad part of town i found out.

    Safe travels though, most of the city that I have seen seems to be nice and fairly safe.

  3. Well damn! Ron you can't go.. Well if you must, keep us informed on that BBQ. I grew up in Wisconsin and assure you it's not all plexi glass and money exchange tray, type of atmosphere. Milwaukee is just like every other city in the US. Go about 5 miles away and it's good folks. The winters, however will be a possible challenge. My mother lives in Beloit, so when I fly out there, maybe we could go have a beer.. That's one thing that Wisconsin has plenty of...places to drink a beer. Now ya gotta become a packer fan.
  4. I'm a little bummed. You're the first PNW Rider I met when I joined this site. I want to come to the BBQ. I hope we get to ride again before you go.
  5. I hope to ride again soon too. Waiting on new decals to come in from Florida for my tags before I take the bike out of the garage again though. I will let you guys know about the bbq. It will most likely be the first weekend in June.

  6. Little off topic, but is your name stating that you drive an augusta 109? Is that for the CG, or private sector? I drive an AH64, just got back about a week ago from my first deployment to Afghanistan...what a wild F***'ing ride that was...
  7. When I joined this site I was flying an A109E for the Columbia River Bar Pilots. I would take ship captains to and from ships off the Oregon Coast. I was flying from the Astoria, Oregon airport and that's where I met Ron. He works for the Coast Guard just down the ramp from the Bar Pilots base. Just over two years ago I started flying for Life Flight, so now I'm in a B3 A-Star, but I do miss the A109. That thing was beautiful to fly. I flew UH-60's in the Army for 8 years. I got out in 2000. So, where are you stationed?
  8. best of luck with wisconsin, i'm sure theres at least two good things about living there
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