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Its Official, Rossi Leaving Ducati

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by barry.mccockener, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Like we didn't expect it already.

    The next few days should be an announcement from Yammers.

    Ducati wishes the Italian well for the new challenges that await him, and in the meantime, the team will continue to give its best effort in order to improve over the latter part of the season.
    Racing has always been in Ducati’s DNA, and now more than ever, it is integral to the Borgo Panigale company’s product development and image. AUDI shares Ducati’s strategic approach and agrees with its growing commitment to competition.
    Therefore, having recently renewed its agreement with American Nicky Hayden, Ducati is in the process of finalizing the team that will take part in the 2013 World Championship, confident that its team and bike will be capable of competing at the highest level.
    Press release courtesy of Ducati Team.
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  2. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    Wow. A guy leaves for a couple of months and things change! Rossi signing for 2 years with Yamaha, Ben wandering off to who knows where and Casey lost his superman cape.

  3. Maybe he won't be such a lower when he is on the best bike on the damn grid next year.
  4. Is that some sort of gay joke and you meant to say bottom? Cuz he def a bottom.
  5. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    How funny would it be if Rossi goes winless next year? What would the excuse be then? Jorge gets all the good parts/favoritism?

    And they called Casey the whiner....
    I hope Stoner comes out of retirement to ride the Duc and wipe the floor with Rossi next year.
  6. Now THAT would be fun to see!
  7. Jims08Z06

    Jims08Z06 Bat Crazed

    Fixed;h That arrogant little fuck. Have you forgotten when he totally ignored Ben who was attempting to congratulate him on his title.g Despite the track personal tapping him and pointing to Ben? kHe went on reveling in his glory, as Ben shook his head and rode off...AJ
  8. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    I feel fortunate to have seen the best roadracers ever. Rossi and my other hero King Kenny.
    That said, I wonder if/how many wins Rossi has in him?
    He may not be the factor he was a just a few years ago, but now we can enjoy his interviews more often as he WILL podium fairly often.
    Unlike Ben, who should go back to Superbikes.....,on a KAWASAKI
  9. I just can't imagine Rossi getting the best of Lorenzo on evenly matched bikes.

    Will Lorenzo get the Spies treatment for the ratings boost?

    too much drama...

    Yea WSBK!!!
  10. I'm not so sure Rossi will be able to make a big stand against JL. JL is really in his stride right now, and he obviously has a lot more experience with that particular bike.

    However, if Rossi does manage to switch back and create success... I think he will solidify his GOAT title.

    2013 should be an interesting season :popcorn:
  11. OP - SWEET! We can watch him continue to get owned next year by Jorge, Pedrosa & Dovi
  12. maybe im off here, but didnt Rossi spend the last 7+ years developing that bike into what it is now? who better to tweak its current condition into a even better bike.
  13. Now that that is done, where will Spies (WSBK?), Dovi and Crutchlow be? The silly is not done yet. By any means. Whose going to cripple their career by replacing Rossi? Rumors, thoughts, facts?
  14. Duc will probably pick up Redding, I read somewhere that Dovi may go wsbk.
  15. Let's see the link on that one...

    You think they would pick Redding over Dovi/Crutchlow? I dont think so...

    Dovi to WSBK? :scratchea

    Rumors are getting interesting...wouldn't be shocking as the CRT path was certainly a factor is pushing Stoner out. Spies on the other hand, his destination has my focus.
  16. Redding tested the Duc gp12 last week at Mugello, he was about a second of the race pace of the Duc satellite teams in their race there a month ago. This also his first time testing the bike.
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