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Ive noticed a pattern...

Discussion in 'Westside' started by Icon, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. I have noticed a pretty obvious pattern with these stolen bike threads..I am sure many of you have as well..

    In almost all cases, these bikes are outside..I have seen very very very few cases where someones garage is broken into to get their bike..I have seen ZERO cases where someone has broken into someones house to get their bike..

    Most of the time it is a parking lot of an apartment complex,place of work,or the infamous parking garage..

    People..If you own a motrocycle..Especially a sportbike that only takes two marginally strong people to lift...Keep it the fuck indoors..If you cant..If your life cannot provide an enclosed bulding of some sort to protect these VERY EASY TO STEAL MACHINES...Then perhaps it is NOT a good time for you to have a motorcycle.

    I saw a youtube video on here somewhere that had 3 guys in a minivan steal a sportbike on the side of the road in less time than it takes me to take a shit...

    I am sorry some of you had your property stolen..I freakin HATE people who steal..

    But if these bikes really mean so much to you..Perhaps you should protect them better :)

    I dont leave my bike unattended for more than 5 minutes..EVER..IF I do..It is locked up in a building.If I am going somewhere where I know my bike will be unsupervised for any length of time (movies,work,gym,etc) then I simply do NOT take the bike.


    Leaving it outside overnight is simply not an option.

  2. Mic

    Mic Retired

    If this post is about patterns noticed on PNW.

    Then I've also noticed a pattern here on PNW.

    One of people getting pissy and saying they are leaving the site, but never really following through.

    It seems to be a frequent occurrence.

    I'm just saying...
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  3. Okay I'll bite...

    There are many many many things that you can do that will cost less than a garage, like insurance, alarms, multiple locks, including one locking it TO something, keeping it covered and in a corner, etc.. If it was so easy to give up something like your bike I'm sure quite a few people on here wouldn't be riding, if not for that reason, then for another.

    I kept mine outside for 2 years until I got a garage, but it was insured so I could have cared less if someone took it.

    Btw, I thought you were leaving PNW?
  4. This pisses me off! I'm leaving the site!
  5. And you mods ban ME for baiting???!!!!!! Clearly you are doing exactly that..Why dont you follow your own rules moderator.

    Arent you supossed to be a bit more objective as a Mod??

    This is not a a post about patterns on pnw..believe it or not,the motorcycle world is bigger than pnw and I have heard many more stories of stolen bikes outside of this website.So get over yourself.The post was about patterns on stolen bikes..Simply how most of them are simply too vulnerable by being left outside.
  6. Ok insurance will not prevent your bike from getting stolen..neither will an alarm..

    As far as me leaving pnw goes..I pretty much have..I test the waters every now and then to see if this place is ever going to be fun to post in again..So far it hasnt.

    Considering I used to post here every day..schedual rides and events,and get people together for 2 wheel tuesdays..and now I post maybe once every three months..Yeah..I would consider myself "gone"

    I come back every once in a I see if this site is ever going to become fun for me to post in again..WHen people constanly bring up issues that have long been dead it is clear that this site is still very petty and not a place for me to waste too much of my time with.

    I like to debate my opinion with people..But you cannot do that here without being censored to fucking DEATH.This site is WAY too PC and I am hoping one day the person in charge either retires or becomes less anal..

    This site used to be cool as hell..I am hoping it will become so again.But this is already getting WAY off topic..So can we please talk about stolen bikes in this thread please and not bring up old drama.

  7. Mic

    Mic Retired

    How am I baiting? And how does the topic of this thread have anything to do with stolen bikes. I believe the title is "I've noticed a pattern", which then goes into describe a pattern you have noticed.

    I'm just posting I've noticed a pattern as well. There's nothing to get emotional over. As you said yourself, the world is bigger than PNW.

    And what does me being a mod have anything to do with not noticing anything? :scratchea
  8. Gusgus

    Gusgus Thaumaturgist

    So you immediately attack when asked (rightfully so) about the threat (you made) to leave.

    How freeking old are you? Mentally!

    You said you were leaving, yet didn't. Was it a lie? Me thinks so.

    A pattern emerges!
  9. I keep mine in a apartment garage.

    Don't have the option of bringing it into my apartment.

    It is my only mode of transportation, not my toy, so I have to take anywhere I go.
    I am not willing or able to become recluse just so my bike is safe.

    I guess 90% of bike riders are not at a "point" in their lives where they should have a bike, according to you.

    You know, cars are stolen too, do you apply the same rules to your car?

  10. how old is he? who old are all of you...can tell its not riding season..
  11. I ride an SV, I'll just stick to parking next to gixxers, I'll be fine.

    (home garaged/full coverage)
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  12. Skwrl

    Skwrl Ninja Master

    there are many things to do for anti theft, one is including lojack and or parking it in a very lit up area where your nieghbors know who you are and know if its someone else taking your bike, plus cameras. For the same price as a gopro you can set up cameras for the apt. house or condo.

    I cant give up my bike, Its my only mode of transport, plus its my credit builder and its one of the only things I can afford, besides a bicycle which got stolen. (but thats a bicycle, they are very easy to steal)
  13. :mfclap:

    SV's... yeah. Ditto.

    For the record, I'm 46, been riding for more than a year, keep my bike in my garage when at home, and the only time I park it where I can't see it (when not at home) is at work, which is in a secured area.

    And I'm not leaving PNWRiders.
  14. That thread was eons ago and has nothing to do with the topic at hand..THis is why I cant post here anymore.
  15. same shit, another season

  16. PLease do not take offense as I debate your opinions..I mean nothing personal.

    First of all..Last time I checked..You cannot put a car in a minivan in less than two minutes..You also cannot park your car inside your house..(Unless you have one really cool house.)I park my bikes inside my house when I dont have a garage.Bikes are a million times easier for petty theives to steal in a very short amount of time.Most professional car theives can steal a car in a very short amount of time as well..But the people stealing bikes (at least the ones I saw in the youtube video) are hardly professional as their methods telegraph that to be true.

    Your bike is safe in your gargage but if you leave it unattended as you inevitably must do if it is your only mode of transportation..There is a great chance you will one day come back to your bike to find it missing.

    If you can afford that bike..You should be able to afford a cheap car..It is my opinion that you are not being very practicle. You can only take care of your bike if you are at home..But as soon as you go anywhere and leave it alone for more than 15 minutes you bike is at risk and cannot insure its safety..

    I only ride my bike to "ride my bike" I do not use it as "transportation" so it is never unattended.It is my opinion that bikes are expensive adult toys and shouldnt be used for everyday transportation..If its all you can afford,hey you gotta do what you gotta do and I have been there..When I was young all I had was a bike too..and if I could go back with the brain I have now I would have got a beater car instead.

    I also highly doubt 90% of riders park their bikes outside where someone can steal them.

    I would find a beater car as soon as you can afford one and use it as your transpo..You will decrease your chances of a wreck,you will decrease the chances of your bike getting stolen,decrease your chances of a ticket,and decrease the milage you put on your bike/wear and tear.Less service and wear parts too..Less tires,oil,brake pads...yada yada..

    I bought a Subaru Legacy 3 years ago for 400 dollars...I just sold it with a burnt engine for 300 after putting on 10k mileage on it and only putting gas and oil in it...That car didnt cost me jack shit.Just some advice from an old fart..

  17. T

    T ~T

    I just won 50 bucks because we had a bet you were in jail or prison...Hell, you were just hanging else where...crackup:crackup:crackup:

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