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japan...devastating quakes and tsunami's

Discussion in 'Moses Lake' started by Rippn, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Rippn

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    8.9, multiple large aftershocks...
    long inland reaching tsunamis...
    still occuring
    CNN has live footage ongoing... HORRIBLE to watch the devestation, in real time.
    tsunami warnings for MANY countrys...
    God help these poor people... this IS HUGE in death damage and exstent.
    FREE and clean, Ripp'n
  2. It is really horrible to watch... I feel really sorry for them, hope there is as few injuries as possible.
    Hopefully Hawaii doesn't get hit too bad from the waves that they say are headed that way

  3. My god that is horrifying. I hope that dude in the car driving away from the tsunami made it okay (on the CNN video).
  4. Amazing to watch the tsunami roll over everything in its path. Now they are showing video of huge ships up in towns. Crazy.
  5. Watching it now. Holy crap!!!
  6. Rippn

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    Absolutely stunned...
    live feed of frieghters laying on there sides, washed up around beach front apartments and freeway it's at Alki... SO surreal.
    HUGE refinery tank fire going on...flames hundreds/if not a 1000 feet, heating other HUGE tanks...TOTALY OUT OF CONTROL... and spreading.

    Tommoro... will be SO sad, as the devestation's exstent is survey'd... dozens of city's along 1300miles of Japan's E. coast...pray fires don't spead. Tsunami alerts for Guam, Marshal Is., Indoniasia, Phillipines, OZ , NZ , Chile, Colombia, Peru, Russia, New Guinie... I believe it could actual hit the W coast US...hopefully w/ little force.
    UPDATE, "Tsunami watch for Cal., OR., WA., Ak." ... w/ warning and EVAC already in Hawaii...exspecting up to 9' surge. 3am Hawaii time
    It could repeat simular effects at ANY of these locations, depending on the surge height and topography.
    Hawaii seems to be much more concern, than W. coast US.
    7th LARGEST recorded EQ in modern history....this is a world affecting event.

    Update... now Tsunami WATCH upgraded to "WARNING"... ENTIRE W. COAST US. including Ak ( 2amPM)
    I'm shure Canada too.
    Cali surge arrival... aprox 8:08 am.
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  7. Parts of the Washington and Oregon coasts are also on Tsunami warning. I pray that it doesn't affect anyone in any of the countries.
  8. Official USGS is 7.9 magnitude. wow. A CNN reporter mentioned that the quakes lasted at least 4 minutes. The latest i see is an expected 1 meter surge for Hawaii to hit 3:00 a.m. Hawaii-Aleutian standard time or i think about 5:00 a.m. PST (our time)....doesn't sound like much but that just isn't a wave, that is a whole section of ocean moving inland displacing a similar portion of land i would believe.

    scary stuff. Forget the beach walk!
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  9. That IS scary stuff.
    We were in Hawaii in 04 when the Indonesian teunami happened. There was real honest concern about it hitting Hawaii.
  10. Rippn

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    19 aftershocks in japan sofar.
    300 dead in NE area alone reported.
    4 nuke power plants offline... w/ 1 trying to reintroduce cooling pump power, to prevent a potential core breach. Evacing LOTS of people over the plants.
    Reefs being exsposed at diamond Head Ha. as surges near...
    Predicting 6-7' surge at Cresent city Cal
    Oregon 'bout 8:30.
    Local surge to be into Seattle, thru Puget sound... 'bout 8:44
    It seems the news stations can't figure E. coast time zone converted to Pacific time.

    BEST to US ALL.

    Prayers to all affected...
    FREE and clean, Ripp'n
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  11. Wow. Australia, New Zealand, now Japan. I just hope it doesn't make it's way around the ring of fire to us. I've lived in Alaska and California and experienced many earthquakes but never anything like this.
  12. We have friends in Hanalei, on Kauai. They just emailed and said the biggest waves there were about 3ft.
    Dodged a bullet...
  13. Wow. I was just watching a show I recorded earlier this week about the one in 04.
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  14. Japan says "I got this", how much do you suppose we spend to help where we are not wanted? I hope private humanitarians step up.
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  15. Rippn

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    Japan/ MANY will be shown to be VERY greatfull for help.
    Farming, coastal docks,shipping, fishery and transportation infastructure, displaced population... clean up, inspection/ certifing safety related concerns, will continue for MONTHS...they're stock market and economys around the world, will/has RING from this tragedy.
    Japan/ MANY... are in REAL trouble.

    juanito... thanks for the weather channel flag.
    FREE and clean, Ripp'n
  16. Japan is already asking for help from the US military.

    My brother in law, his wife, and their newborn are there. They're okay, apparently it wasn't too bad at the air force base.
  17. My ohana on the islands are all ok....and sending prayers to thouse in Japan!
  18. Wow. Sad when people suffer at the hand of mother nature. The power of it is mind stretching.

    Explains why my buddies weather station alarmed for WA. Doubt we'll see any damage though.

    Thoughts with those who have or will suffer.