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just another reason i love my supermoto!

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by TheSumoBear, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. 35 mph low side on the way home from work this morning and you'd never know it from lookin at the bike! Hahaha. Bike is primo, I'm fine, and suprisingly my gear is fine. Dirty, but fine. LOL. Hurray for not having expensive failings!

    Edit: I meant fairings but I feel like that works too lol.
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  2. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider Streetfighter

    Another lover of crashing!!! Right On!!!

    So this makes perfect sense to you too eh?


    Wish I didnt have to earn a living so I could go back to dirt bikes.
    My dirt buddies loved to ride with Me to see my next get off. I rarely disappointed them.

    :secret: Methinks thats why I have come so close to buying a tard but have backed out every time.

  3. HAHAHA that comic is awesome! And that's why I'm on a tard. No more dirtbikes for me either. I miss em Sooo baaad. But being a retard on a motard is definitely the next best thing.
  4. This gives me another reason to want a sumo too (like I really needed one)!

    It seems like it would be fun to ride without the fear of a huge repair bill hanging over your head! 35mph lowside, no damage?!?! Count me in :)

    Oh yeah, Glad you're not hurt!
  5. Glad to hear you're not hurt :mfclap: and yes, you can crash the hell out of these things :evil4:

    Stuffed mine under a Guard rail at 60+ and only issues were bent Slider bolt, scratches oh and had to tweak the front back into place hehe. Let's see ya do that with a SportBike crackup:
  6. werd.. sumo's crash better than anything!!
  7. For sure. Although the longer I lay here in bed the more sore I am feeling. I bounced and tumbled pretty good when I hit the ground.
  8. Everyone should have a supermoto in their collection. So much fun. And cheap repairs are greatly welcomed
  9. Did the race numbers scratch off?
  10. so no. They didn't scratch off. But thanks for your concern.
  11. It inspires so much confidence that sometimes you go overboard! :tard: :evil4:
  12. Vicodin....the riders morning after pill.
  13. Always looking out for the fellow tards.
  14. It is more fun to just not crash on the way home. As a bonus, you can ride whatever you want.
  15. I've crashed mine like 10 times. One was so bad I got a helicopter ride to the hospital. Haven't seen it since that crash though, it's sitting in my buddy's garage. Apparently it's completely functional, not a scratch on the frame, engine/tranny case nor swingarm.
  16. Haha. Nice.
    My DRZ was pretty crashworthy too.
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