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Just bought a Ducati 1100S Monster

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by GS1200, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. 2011, 1100S. I got it from Copart in N Portland, it has a salvage title. The bike looks like new as it only has 900 miles on it. I called Moto Corsa where the bike was purchased and they told me the history of the bike. It came in in August after an accident. Their was a frame issue, but they did not have the exact info. It could be minor like a bent frame stop/pad or major like a crack. I seen it in the flesh last week and could not detect any frame damage at all. I'll pick it up Friday.

  2. yeah boyyyyyyyy im not the only one who uses copart

  3. That's a real fun bike!! Frames for that model are reasonably priced (compared to other models) and super easy to swap on on that series. MSRP was like $1400.. probably could get a deal from MC if you ask.. It would come with your bikes VIN stamped on it. Good luck and happy to answer any questions if they come up. good ducati online OEM parts look up is I believe A&S is still a Ducati dealer as well.
  4. Thanks Dave. The worst case scenario would be I need a new frame (Im hoping this is not the case). If I bought a new one would it still have a branded title? Also, what is the best Ducati web site?
  5. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    1st a 'Ruckus'. Now a 'Monster'! Your turn'in into a regular Hooligan!
  6. best enthusiast site for Monsters is
    best site for Ducati enthusiasts
    best look up for OEM is Ducati Omaha
    best online prices the part number
    shops with the right attitude, PM me for that :silent:
  7. Nice score! Looks pretty darn good.
  8. How much? Im thinking about selling my bike and go co part shopping.
  9. Oh yeah, that's gonna be some fun.
  10. check the frame very closely! everything hinges on it....

    if you ever replace it, you now have a salvage titled bike and wont get shit on trade. If that isnt an issue great.... look for welds modified, repainted ect...

    a "frame issue" that they couldnt explain is suspect , so tread carefully on it... GOOD LUCK:popcorn:
  11. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Um, no. If you get a frame from a bike that hasn't been totaled you get the title for said bike that's clean. Which means you now have a clean title bike.

  12. Thanks again Dave. Also, can you tell what exhaust is on this bike? I hope to pick it up tomorrow. I took a vid of it last week and still can't detect any frame issues, I'm pumped to ride this bike.

    My wife reminded me that I bought 6 bikes this month, I've got to back off a little I suppose.:roll:
  13. Wheelies are dangerous, illegal and childish. I would never own a bike that I couldn't wheelie.
  14. 2 2 wheeled beasts in a matter of weeks. Lucky bastard.
  15. Looks like Termignoni.
  16. I think it is, that's a $1,600 bonus.:mfclap:
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