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just bought my first bike

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by ovalrag, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. ive had dirt bikes all my life but just picked up my first street bike 2003 triumph tt600 . it needs some maintainace stuff. i am having the fuel tank coated iyt had been sitting for a couple years and had a bit of rust in it. anyway i had the tank off and happened to notice the fuel pressure regulator vacume line was not hooked up and is noware to be found. anyone know where this vacume line gose to from the fuel regulator? im stumped. i went through the whole manual and see a pic of the regulator and there is A hose hooked up to it. please anyone can help me out.

  2. Nice ride.

    Are you sure it is a vacuum line? Could be a vent to atmosphere? Or orginally interconnected to a deleted evapouritive system? Sorry not much help. RAT forum?
  3. im going to assume nothing went to it.Ill see how it rides first. the bike had been in hawaii for a couple years. the previous owner was military and deployed tp Afganastan. the bike had a cover on it but was outside. the winds had ripped and shredded the cover over the year he was deployed.caused rubbing on the front fender and farings.rust on the rotors and surface corrosion on some parts. chain and sprocket .Had it shipped over here and never delt with it.It sat for 2 years. anyway i picked it up last monday.through some oil gas and a battery and it fired right up. all the marks on the faring buffed right out just dirt and scum. getting the tank relined. hopefully monday or tuesday get it back. than take the first ride.

    not sure how to post a pic on here yet.
  4. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

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  5. james1300

    james1300 Track School Dazed

    Great Look'in!:mfclap:
  6. +1
    looks clean enough. The silver looks great on that bike!
    If its to snatchy around 3000 rpm check Triumph Of Tacoma for a throttle body sync and a map8)
    Enjoy, nice bike
  7. Welcome to the funny farm.vtr2: Sweet bike.
  8. got the tank back and on. cleaned up the rotors and lubed the chain a few times. went for the firsrt ride tuesday. what a blast to ride. the rear brakes are paper thin and the front right fork is leaking. im going to try the brake job myself but not sure about the fork seal. made a apiontment to take the written and riding test on saturday. can anyone recomend someone to do the fork service. and what it might cost. hoping to get it done for the vashon island poker run. anyone have the date for that yet?
    thanks in advance
  9. try running apiece of cardboard through it, about thickness of playing card
  10. I would take it to Triumph of Tacoma as I said in a earlier post :nana
    Listen up:ninja:
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