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Just moved here from Beaverton

Discussion in 'Astoria' started by dposalski, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. I have been on a few rides with the Portland group and now most of my time is spent here on the coast. Looking forward to meeting some of you for some evening rides. I close my shop at 6pm, so looking to ride after that. Just enough time for some twisties.:evil4:
  2. I will try to hit you up on one of my days off or something. I haven't rode with anyone yet....

  3. What's your shop?
  4. I just opened Tsunami Sandwich Company near the turnaround. Once I meet a few of you down here, I will plan a get together at my shop. My dad and brother both ride as well and they are local here.
  5. Oooo! I'm always up for a sandwich. I'll have to come and find you. It would be a bonus to come there on the bike, but not on a nasty day like this.
  6. I am a fair weather guy as well. As long as I dont have to bring supplies into the shop and the weather is nice, I will be riding most of the summer.
  7. I know right where your shop is under Trendwest. The weather cleared up nice this afternoon. A few us went for a 2 hour ride about 7:00, but I didn't have my computer to look up your number. Mine is on my profile too. Rallynz from Svensen looked mine up and sent me a text late this afternoon asking if I could ride. I was with another guy on this forum from Seaside, beachrydr, so we all three went. We went down Hwy 53 and the Miami River Road to Garibaldi and then back up. I'll have to put your number in my cell phone so if that happens again I can reach you.

  8. Definitely. I may have seen you guys going south on 101 while I was going north in Gearhart. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys one night soon. Maybe meet up at my shop and head out.:mrgreen:
  9. My number is 503 932 9622

    Call me anytime for a ride!
  10. Hey I was going to stop by the shop last weekend but I ended up having to sell my dads 72 chevelle instead :( Then the next day it was pretty crappy out.As soon as I find time I will try to stop by.I sooo want a turkey and bacon sammy please tell me you have them!!!!!!!
  11. I went by to meet Dave about a week ago. I couldn't stay to eat, because my wife was waiting for me to come and get her, but he gave me a sample of some chili. Oh!!!! That stuff was good. I can't wait to go eat in there.
  12. watch out for that a109driver guy, he's trouble! :) haha!
  13. Maybe when I go, if it's pretty soon I will give you a call and meet you somewhere.We can eat then take a ride or something.
  14. Brady... Shhhh!!

    Maybe tomorrow. I've got part of the day to mess around. It could be an early or late lunch with a ride before or after.
  15. That would be awesome if I didnt work....Aghhh maybe I can make someone work for me but I doubt it because everyone is lazy and it's friday.I have to work at 3 and if I'm going to be riding I dont want to be rushed to get back to work.I have sun-tues off though.I hope it stays nice.
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