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Discussion in 'Walla Walla' started by Katyonka, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. My husband and I are active PNWriders from Ellensburg but looks like we are moving back to Walla Walla this summer. We will be coming down (cages most time :-( ) to work on our house. But would like to get to meet some of you. Do you do bike nights on the weekends at all?
  2. Welcome back! I have been wanting to do a bike night here, but have been tied up with work and other activities lately. My work rotation amkes the weekend meetings a rare event here since I am out riding to get far away for a good couple of days.

    If you ever have the time, post something up for a get together, and I will try to post if I am available. I'm sure others will post too!

    -Cameron C.
  3. Sounds good.
    Anyone from here going to East Meets West?

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