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K2 Gsxr 750 cam swap/head work

Discussion in 'Projects' started by andrewgsxr02, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Hey all I am new to the forum and looking for help! I am in the process of stock piling some engine mods that I would like to drop in all at once and I am in need of a shop with the skills and reliability of doing so or someone that is willing to help me out and work through it with me. I have basic know how to work on a bike not sure how comfortable I am with degreeing cams or pulling my motor.

    What I need to have done

    -Cam swap/adjustable sprockets (sprockets need to be pressed on)
    -Cam tensioner
    -Valve Springs
    -Head gasket
    -mill head and valve job
    -TRE mod

    after it is all said in done I am also going to need remapping and dynotuned
    any info is appreciated!

    Thanks Andrew
  2. EDR is probably your best bet in the Vancouver/Portland area that I know of. And Nels @ 2 Wheel DynoWorks is a wizard at mapping and dyno-tuning.

  3. Thanks for the info giving them both a call tomorrow!
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