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k7 gsxr 750 clutch issue

Discussion in 'Mechanical & Technical' started by R6NoOb, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. this might be kinda hard to explain without riding it but i'll try. so if im riding in 1st gear slow like under 20 mph and pull in the clutch while coasting and lightly give it throttle and let off, the clutch feels like its still engaged. it grabs with throttle and kinda clunks when i let off. and another thing is when i shift to 2nd and let out the clutch slowly it grabs normal than makes a clicky clunky kinda sound after the clutch is all the way out. kinda by the shifter lever near the push rod? lol this sounds kinda impossible to diagnose through words but thought id try:scratchea btw i just adjusted the clutch in all 3 places to the service manuals specs with no changes... motor has around 6,000 miles also. thanks :wave:
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  2. Don't know if you have a HUD clutch or not. If you do change the fluid and bleed the system.
    If its a cable, lube it. Inspect it by the lever for fraying.
    Also there is a rod that goes through the main shaft of the tranny. Take it out (actuator rod) and make sure it's not got chain lube and crap in there.
    What kind of oil are you using?
    What have you changed recently or has this started gradually?

  3. You buy it new?
    If not, do you have service history?
    Counter shaft sprocket tight?
    Chain adjusted properly?
    Ever replaced the clutch pack?
    Does it feel like it wants to pull slightly if you Rev it in 1st with the clutch in?
    Is it ez to get it from 1st to N and back?
  4. its a cable, im using castrol something rs full syn. i bought the motor off ebay cuz i broke a shift fork on the 600 motor lol. ive done 2 oil changes in less than 200 miles just to "flush" the motor. i took it to edr to get tuned and it runs great according to them. im starting to think the clutch pack might be all messed up cuz it sat with no oil for a few months before i got it and there prob dry? lol oh and yes it does want to pull just slightly with the clutch in. and finding neutral is almost impossible
  5. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Then it's not adjusted right IMO if it pulls with the clutch lever in all the way.
  6. yeah thats what im still hoping, im outside messing with it right now its kinda making a shuttering sound when im sitting on it in 1st and lightly let out the clutch till it hits the friction point then back in the whole bike shutterers and shakes bad at low speed like under 15 mph say comming up to a light in 1st or 2nd very low rpm. like a bad shake like when i let my gf drive my stick shift truck kinda bounce haha
  7. Looks like you have a disengagement issue.
    Might be a worn out part that setting to Fac spec may not take care of.
    Could have a clutch basket in need of some help. Grooves in the basket teeth?
    Could be warped plates in the clutch pack.
    I don't think setting with out oil would make much difference.
    I have a GS1150 motor in my Black Bike. It set for over 12 years under a lean-too with a broken Mag cover. It too had lost all it's oil.

    I would pull the clutch cover and start looking, sniffing, tasting to see what you fine.
    Pop the pack check for wear. Check the basket. Look for bent, broken, craked parts.
    If you have the cash, just replace it. Other wise it's just a gasket and some time.

    warped plates will cause the clutch to drag. Groves in the thrust surfaces will cause it to hang up and not release freely. Or maybe something is cracked or broken?

    If lubing the cable and adjustments don't help. Might be time to crack that puppy open.

    You need to check it out anyway if it's a Ebay motor, just to have a look see.

    Just sayin.

  8. It shudders with the clutch ALL THE WAY OUT? Or part way?
    If it's part way out and you get that grabby feel, you need to check the plates.
    Barnett Clutch? They are grabby like that.
  9. theJrod

    theJrod Racer Extraordinaire

    I think the first thing to do is ensure that the clutch is adjusted properly. Grab a service manual and walk through the steps of adjusting the clutch, both at the lever and under the access cover. Simply removing the cover and looking around won't really do you any good - there's nothing visual that would indicate where a problem lies without fully disassembling the clutch (and even that is assuming you know what to look for).

    Once you've properly adjusted the clutch, come back here with symptoms if they still exist. It could very well be that the plate are dry, warped or just plain worn out... but start with the easy stuff first.
  10. I was under the assumption he had already done that.:scratchea
    I wouldn't pull the clutch apart as my first step, it would be one of the last.
  11. i have already adjusted the clutch exactly the way the service manual says. and triple checked it and have been messing with the adjustment on the bars over and over.... ill pull the clutch pack and mic them and make sure there in spec. and see of there warped. i'll let u guys know tomorrow how they look. other than that im really not sure...ive messed with alot of bad clutches before on my old dirtbikes so im pretty familiar with how they work im just a bit confused on what this ones doing?:tard:
  12. I wouldn't pull the clutch apart as my first step, it would be one of the last.[/QUOTE]

    i think thats all there is left to do cuz it rides rather scarry .. im gonna ride it right now up to dmv to get new tags on my truck. i was messing with the bar adjuster again so i guess ill see what happens..
  13. Clutch spring bolts backing out? At lower rpms the effect is more noticeable?
  14. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Bar adjustment is only a fine adjustment. I'd go over the full adjustment process one more time and see if you missed something.
  15. its only noticable at low rpm it shakes like a tank when u let off the gas while still in gear but only below 4k rpm ish
  16. so i just went for a quick country ride and messed with the bar adjuster as much as possible that is ruled out. there is def alot of play in the gearbox. from throttle on to throttle off and back on, its really clunky. it just all around feels horrible.:scratchea could the extra play be from having a 750 front sprocket and a 600 rear? like the pitch being off between the two idk.. damn suzuki's!! i shoulda stayed with yamaha hahah:angry7:
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  17. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    You didn't put YOUR sprocket on that motor? Yeah, that could be a problem if you have a 520 chain and that one had a 530 or something.....
  18. hahaha nope. i was lazy. for all i know im tearing them up real bad lol. im gonna change that i think hah
  19. Am I reading that ^ right. It does the symptoms you previously described and shakes below 4k? What is it like above? This changes things a bit from clicking and clunking.

    If rotating machinery shakes like a shitting dog generally something is running out of alignment or coming off it.:scared 4k is still pretty high revs though. If it is shaking at these revs rather than nearer idle you may want to investigate that before riding again!

    Edit- I'd definitely check your sprockets are both correct.
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