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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Beerbohm, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Any one know about or have kangaroo leathers? Or were would be a good place to do some research?
  2. Kangaroo's don't need leathers. field research...go to Austrailia.

    All I know is whay people say

  3. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    I read a lot about them, very light, very comfortable, same abrasion resistance, no break in period, breath well...If I were to get one it would be the MotoGP suit or the Teknic Speedstar suit...
  4. I have the MotoGP and it is nice. I also have the Astar gloves in Kangaroo. The majority of my experience though comes from playing soccer my whole life. Kangaroo is 10 steps above cow. It's thinner without losing any structural integrity, it does breathe better like Perferd says, you lose less touch sensation (key for gloves imho), and everyone says it has the same abrasion rating. Thank God I have never had to actually test that out. Overall it's just more comfortable. It also tends to be more expensive though so watch out. I give kangaroo 2 thumbs way, way up.
  5. So were is the best place to purchase and how is the best way to figure size if purchasing online?
  6. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    You are about my size last time I rode with you are I wore a 52 suit that was crazy tight so for you I would go 54. As for where to buy go with HardRock motorsports, I got my A* replica for a price I cant even talk about so cheap...Ask him for the MotoGP kangaroo suit...
  7. Ah jeeze, Brokeback PNW. :shock: :secret:
  8. Perferd

    Perferd Grade A Champion

    I love you too beer...
  9. I saw this thread earlier and did not respond because it was beerbohm posting (just kidding ya, bud) but really I thought maybe he was referring to a brand name Kangaroo and not the leathers, so I said nuttin'

    Kangaroo is one of the toughest soft leathers. If you want to wear rhino hide I'm sure that's tougher ( :evil4: ) but kangaroo is the real stuff... and they are rapid breeders down under and a real nuisance at times and large numbers are culled in the wild to keep the habitat balanced.. I really want a kangaroo Indy jacket from these guys

    I have the cowhide Indy version and now that I have Draggin Jeans I'm going to wear it around town on the bike in warmer weather. I also have their lambskin distressed/aged look avaitor's jacket. You'll need to sew in snaps for the collar tabs or they'll beat you to death

    I lust after their B3 bomber jacket too, for cold weather driving in my cobra. It's sheepskin lined. I have the barnstormer leather cap ready to go :mrgreen: :
  10. Man, why don't you two get a room! :love3: :rant

  11. Exactly the only reason I was being jest.
  12. You mean to tell me some people dont take me serious? How dare they :banghead: so so hurt :cry:
  13. Shwaa

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    I have HELD gloves made of baby Roos and I love em..
  14. Do you just stick your hand up their ass?

    (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
  15. +1
  16. Moto

    Moto Safety Wire King

    Dingo suites are above the rest.
    lighter, stronger...since they are Dingo suites you even bounce better when you fall - don't ask how i know. ok ok, you can ask:mrgreen: