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  1. I have fallen in love with the new 2011 and 2012 kawasaki zx-10r. compared to the last generation of them i believe that they have made leaps and bounds when it comes to both looks and performance.

    I have been pondering the idea of buying one of these bikes but it doesnt look like it is going to be a possability because nobody has them. I have looked all over craigslist and also a few dealerships around the hillsboro area. Im not sure if i would be able to part with the money, buttttt these machines are absolutely beautiful.

    I dont really care if it is an ABS model or not, BUT it absolutely must be kawi green!!!!

    has anyone seen 11s or 12s anywhere for sale?
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  3. WOW he keeps that bike real clean. looks pretty bad.
    the price is about right but its not GREEEN :(
    has to be green. i know im picky
  4. Go get ya a rattle can and paint it after you plunk down 12k for it. :stir:

    On a serious note I have ridden with him multiple times and the bike is flawless.
  5. you read my mind, i was totally thinking of buying a bike for 12k and painting it green with a rattle can. haha NOTTT lol

    I feel like im ready to add a bike to the stable, and really get my collection started. its gunna be one of these or an 05/06 ninja 636 in green of course
  6. The black ones are faster. :mrgreen:
    I do like the increased performance on the top end of the new ZX compared to the last Gen however the looks of the new bike is not as appealing as the last gen to me.
    There not so rare you can't find one if you have the funds.

    If you can swing a deal on a color other than green at a good price i know Russ Foy at custom classics will paint it for a grand.

    He does absolutely great work!

    Good luck on the new Ninja.
  7. This is a picture of mine after Russ did some paint/clear coat to get rid of road chips.

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  9. Thanks for the referral guys! I understand it's black, but my bike is flawless, plus I just had MotoCorsa install brand new Dunlop Q2 tires this week and it has a fresh full synthetic oil change. This bike is truly ready to ride and needs nothing else.

    If you're interested hit me up. I'll go $11,500 and throw in like new front and rear Pitbull stands with the sale.

    PM me if you want to take a look at the bike.
  10. If anyone is looking to buy a zx10 check out TeeDub's. I don't care what color it is he has done so much to that bike it is hands down a great buy. Besides, you can buy some green fairings from your dealer (or better yet ebay) for not a lot of money if you really want to change the color.

    As a side....

    I own a 2012 ZX10. Best bike I have ever had. You can't go wrong.
  11. Pro caliber in Longview has the red/black and green/black in stock. I would still get Teedub's though.
  12. Here's the latest:
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    Just go to the zx10 forum and find someone that wants to trade, I'm sure it won't be too hard. Buy a well set up bike over a brand new bike any day
  14. There, fixed it! Thanks for the kind help guys.
  15. There you go!
  16. I got mine 2 years old with 0 miles and it was way cheaper then brand new. I do agree with the looks but I don't think the performance needs to be much better. Lol. You should just wait another year and see if you can find the same deal. Got mine at motosport hillsboro.
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    Didn't you want a 636 not too long ago? The 10 is a lot of bike for a newer rider and since you are mainly buying on impulse, save yourself some money and heartache and don't. Your accounts and credit will thank you. Because the next generation ZX10 will be even better and the 636 you were thinking about is not a bad idea.
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    That's what I meant. :tard:
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