Kennewick Motorcyclist?

Discussion in 'Central' started by Ignacio, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Ooops! Is this anybody here? :stir:

  2. Projecting to the evening news tonight:
    "And now for a fast breaking local story: M/C courier with a short-lived career - One Weekend."
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    LOL! "courier" Hahahhaa!!

    Running those speeds in town shows a lack of brain cels... now we know why! :mrgreen:
  4. Shit...I thought I was the only one who drove triple digits through town and never stops for the police :scratchea jk

    I heard some of that going on. I hope he learns from his mistake and doesn't repeat this when he gets out.

    The wise man learns from others&#8217; mistakes, the fool learns from his own.
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  5. When it absolutely has to be there in like 10 freakin minutes call AJAX hell on wheels
  6. Guess he couldn't keep his 10-minute delivery guarantee is his "company rig"

  7. Don't know about the Kennewick case, but this dumbass tried to elude the cops in Pendleton...OOPS!!

    Motorcyclist arrested in Pendleton crash

    A man on a motorcycle driving erratically on Pendleton’s Northwest Carden Avenue crashed at Northwest 10th Street Sunday evening. The driver of the Suzuki, 20-year-old Brendon Palmer of Hines, was initially being chased by police. Chief Stuart Roberts says the chase was quickly ended because there’s no way a police vehicle can keep up with a motorcycle.

    “They’re much more maneuverable, can hit higher ends of speed and, typically, operators of motorcycles who are involved in pursuit will push that speed limit.”

    Roberts says when the pursuit was ended, the officer who managed to keep the bike in sight reported Palmer continued driving erratically. He crashed into a car suffering what police said were not significant injuries.

    Palmer has been charged with felony attempt to elude, reckless driving, giving false information to a police officer and three counts of reckless endangerment. That last charge was tripled because there were three people in the car the motorcycle struck.

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