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Kent/Covington/Auburn/Federalway Photo Tag

Discussion in 'Westside' started by torgy, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. º One person is "IT" at a time.

    º Since most of us have smart phones and can post via our phones, post the previous poster's tag to claim being "IT". You may post the "current tag" at a later time during your ride.

    º If more than one person is at the current tag, first one to post is "IT".

    º While being "IT", poster has 48 hrs from claiming tag (use PNW time stamp of post), to post a new tag. Past the48 hour window, it becomes up for grabs for someone else to be "IT", but they must go back and grab the original tag first. 48 hour window gives an opportunity to have enough time to post a great tag, not just a mediocre tag, allow for enough light to see all visual hints, ect.

    º No pay spots. This is a fun, free game. If there is a fee to get into the place, or a fee to take a ferry or something, find a new tag.

    º Night Tags: Have a good enough flash to be able to see as much as possible. No blurry photos either.

    º No NSFW, lets keep the mods happy.

    º Current photos only. Don't be a cheat and pull something out of a folder on your desk top.

    º Area you are "tagging" with your bike must be in the immediate background of your bike. Landscape in the far off distance is not acceptable.

    º Please provide a hint as to the location of the current tag.

    º Tagged areas must be accessible to every bike (read:

    º Assisting people with uploading of their tags is fine.

    This is a fun game, even more fun in a group. I encourage small group rides to tags.
    Abuburn/Black Diamond Rd To Black Diamond
    169 to 405 South ( South side of the freeway for all Renton Tags )
    I5 South to Kent Des Moines Rd
    West To The Sound Covering the Des Moines/Federal Way Area
    Hwy 18 is the South Boundrie Threw The Federal Way Area ( No Tags South of 356th. Go As Far West As The Sound)

    We Can Expand the Area when Tags Begin To Repet



    HINT: In The Middle of LeaHill
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2011
  2. WOW people in this Area !

  3. pffft, been workin! Mebbe I'll run around and find that
  4. Please do ! maybe meet up with ya go get a new one? take me 2 min to get there
  5. old: Off of 112th on Lea Hill

    <a href=";current=cac5cb44.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

    Hint: Follow the river to the flame.
  6. that was a EPIC FAIL!!!!
  7. old: off of leahill road on 112th


    Hint: follow the river to the flame.
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  8. Thanks. I figure make things easy to get more people to play.
  9. Pretty sure you can get to that tag from renton

  10. +1 Agree
  11. you're supposed to back me up Katana bro.
  12. Yeah ! But Hey Can be done from Renton And a nice ride at that !

    Meet up and go get the Tag ? 253 735 0638

    What part of renton?

    I grew up in fairwood :mfclap: Renton Highlands :thefinge:

    Think we could probly get Part of Renton,Cascade,Fairwood in here :scratchea
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2011
  13. I'd hook up and ride with you, but I was at the tag with Oger.
    And that wouldn't be cool. :angry7:

  14. Then Follow Not a hard tag.

    Why did you not have your bike in the Pic?
  15. Busy checking out my bee sting from the ride down. Ouch.
    I'm headed to auburn cylce gear in a few, if you want to meet there.
  16. yeah what time ?
  17. 12:45-1:00
    She's warming up now
  18. take me 5 or so min to get there .. see ya there
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