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Kent Kawasaki Bites The Dust

Discussion in 'Westside' started by BradyMitchell, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Looks like Kent Kawasaki is going the way of RMC... makes you wonder if Hinshaws in Auburn is on the ol' chopping block.

    looks like a 50% off sale this weekend for those interested

    Hopefully this isnt a repost

    (I have no affiliation with Kent Kawasaki)

  2. MichelinMan

    MichelinMan Moderator Staff Member

    I didn't even know Kent had a Kawi dealer.

    They probably should have done some advertising.
  3. Not surprised. Never really saw a lot of business there. I have gone down there before to buy parts even when RMC was around.
  4. do they stock any decent gear there?
  5. this is no shock, the economy may suck however, they sucked at advertising also. You could drive by that place and not even notice it's there.

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  6. Very small store....
  7. I've gone there a couple times and gotten pretty horrible service, so this didn't really come as a surprise to me. Sucks to see any shop go out of business but they didn't do that great of a job trying to stay around
  8. It's a sad day,small shop indeed,because it was family owned. I just last week had my recall work done on my ZX10 (voltage regulater) and they were awesome! Steve in service was top notch. He ordered my part ,called me a week later and had me bring my bike in first thing in the morning, and fixed it while I waited. Most shops you would never be taken care of that quickly.....and with a personal touch,I'm sorry to see them go,D
  9. I went there once to look at used Z1000. The salesmen talked about the fresh new paint job and the fact the bike never had been dropped.

    I looked at the bike the main color was sliver, but you tell where got used plastics of various colors and right side engine covers had starches that are consonant with abrasion with concrete.

    The sales pressure gave me memories of going to Sound Ford.

    Sad to see a motorcycle shop go out of business, but it is survival of the fittest.
  10. Tony, Clint and the rest of the gang at Kent Kawasaki will be missed. I've bought 2 motorcyles and lots of parts and accessories from them over the years. They always provided me with great service.

    Now there won't be any Kawasaki dealers left in south King county.
  11. Been dealing with Tony since 1983. Was nice to have them close, will be missed.
  12. Vry Very sad to see this :( I forgot they were there but have delt with them before and good guys.

    So hate to see this :(
  13. Never been there. Can't go there. Why? They have a going out of business web page and no address! They shut off the address/map function so I have no idea where they are. If that is how they did advertising, then I see why no one knew about them.
  14. I just bought my 250r from there. Tony is a great guy. He worked around so many obstacles to sell me my bike. I was looking forward to having them as my go to guys... Sad day. I wasn't expect that.
  15. Gotama

    Gotama WMRRA 1st VP

  16. I was kind of making a point that someone missed the boat on the advertising by leaving off the address. It is good marketing to make it as easy as possible for your potential customers. They should have not disabled the link for address and map. Would have been to keep the "about us" for if I read about them, I'd be more inspired to ride there and buy something.
  17. It is really to bad; Tony, Clint and everyone else there are good people.

    Wishing them the best,
  18. Kent Kawasaki was operated more like a hobby than a business by its owner. I am shocked they hung on this long. I am sure they were bleeding money for years. Their sales department, if you can call it that, was terrible. They did very little marketing. I am glad they are gone. I stopped giving them business years ago.
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