KFG buy GP Suspension?

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by Slamster, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Saw a thread on an FJR forum about GPSuspension being bought by KFG Racing, and the oregon shop closing down. Anyone in the know about this?
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    Wow. That's a surprising change of events.
  3. Use Google to search using these settings

    KFG site:FJRforum.com

    GP Suspension site:FJRforum.com

    A couple of threads on the forum about the recent developments.
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    I've heard a ton on he matter from people fairly in the know, but I'd like to see an official statement from some one before I say anything. Not into perpetuating rumors on the off chance they are wrong.
  5. Assuming there is something left to buy out......
  6. This is SO last month . Yes Dave is done and Barry @ KFG bought all of Daves tools and inventory of parts .

    I've known Dave for well over 20 years and we have been friends , neighbors , fellow racers and we also worked at Durametal way back in the day . Dave has always been a hard worker and whatever he does in the future he will do well .

    I did buy one of Daves work benches and a few other things from as he closed down and I even got all the suspension stuff done on a few of my bikes before he was done because who the hell else was going to do it that I could trust :thefinge: :mrgreen:.

    Last I heard he was in Vegas and I'm glad cause he really needs a break . You cheap bastard racers can bug Barry now crackup::thefinge:
  7. [
    Last I heard he was in Vegas and I'm glad cause he really needs a break . You cheap bastard racers can bug Barry now crackup::thefinge:[/QUOTE]

  8. Thanks for the info, cb. I am due for a rear shock rebuild and noticed the mailing address on the website had changed, so I started doing a little searching.
    I hope the best for Dave, and I trust that KFG will do right with the GP-S name.
  9. Will miss Dave,great guy to bullshit with and worked wonders on my GSXR
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    Hope Dave was happy with how things ended. Barry is a good egg as well as I have had a bunch done by him and been very happy.
  11. For the Guys in Oregon , I know SDS can service rear shocks & forks and even set up suspension . Ron at RPM can also service your front forks too .

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