KZ400 Cafe Style- trade only!

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  1. No Longer Available....Thanks for looking

    For trade: 1976 Kawasaki KZ400

    If you ever wanted a classic Cafe style bike, this is it! Has similar lines as the old Triumphs and BSA bikes. I get a lot of looks, thumbs up, and comments when ever I ride her. Come ride with me either way and see for yourself! :mfclap: She corners fairly well and is surprisingly balanced with the bars in the correct position. Starts on the first kick!! I have approximately $1600-$1800 into her....

    I am in no hurry, this is just a feeler. I will be riding the bike every chance I get, hope to see you on the road!

    I am looking for something like an EX500, Genesis, get the idea. Something fairly light, sport or ST, 500cc or larger.

    After many rides on this fun little bike (and others) I have learned a few things about riding and my riding style. I need a bike with a little more juice...I ride rain or shine and everywhere, so I am looking for something I can move to the next level on. I used to think the cruiser was my style, but not anymore....I love the exhilaration and agility a sport bike gives.

    If you are interested in trading we will meet up with both bikes/titles, and you ride mine while I ride yours. If we both agree, then we can make it happen. Let me know...... :mrgreen: I am not looking for perfection....just reliability.

    Thanks for looking....Aaron

    • Clean Title
    • ~20800 miles
    • ~45 MPG
    • See project thread linked above.........
    • Rebuilt carbs
    • New 2-1 MAC exhaust
    • 6-Sigma Jet kit
    • Custom leather Cafe style seat
    • Custom
    • Pod filters
    • Custom paint
    • New rear tire/Front is marg but works
    • H4 headlamp and custom turn signals all around
    • Clubman bars...going the right way now
    • Bar end mirrors- love those!
    • I have all of the stock parts that will go with the bike.
    • It also comes with a fancy R1 2-1 custom was fun to make
    • X ring chain- clutch replaced
    • 16/45 sprocket better mileage,but still pops off the line
    • Needs some TLC, but what 36 year old bike doesn't

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  2. Aaron,

    While keeping in mind rule nos. 9 & 10 of the PNW classifieds rules, I am providing the following observations in regard to the quoted portion of your post above.

    It appears from what you posted that the mention of your total spent is an indication of what value of trade you desire and/or expect in return. However, it's very, very common that most people who build any kind of custom will never see a full return on their "investment" and it's basically unrealistic to think you would be the exception to this. If I have misconstrued your intent of the mention of what was spent, my apologies.

    The bikes you mention for possible trades are a significant step up in performance in comparison to your bike; I know you realize that, but the point is most people, yourself included, are looking to upgrade in performance, not go the opposite way. I appreciate the effort it took to create what you have, it looks nice. However, it is basically what is known as a "sheep in wolf's clothing" i.e., more show than go. Just a fact, not meant to be an insult at all! I believe your best bet for such a trade you mention would be is if there is a brand new rider out there who bought an older used sportbike that might've intimidated them enough, that they are trying to find something with a milder state of tune. That type of scenario would be ideal for both of you, and more likely than finding someone to "trade down" performance-wise who isn't a new rider.

    You might be better served by attempting to sell it outright, as either a basic commuter bike for someone who has been absent from riding for 20+ years, or more likely, as a starter bike for a new rider, emphasizing the things that a vintage bike has which can easily appeal to them, such as low seat height, a power level which isn't intimidating, basically explaining how user-friendly it would be to an inexperienced person looking to learn, while also emphasizing it's turn-key attributes and that they can have a unique bike for far less than a new Ninja 250 or other common learning platform.

    I absolutely don't mean any of my comments in a negative way, but rather provide a perspective of someone who has ridden for several decades, mentored new riders, and have seen hundreds of custom bikes sold over the years, as well as my own experience in buying, selling, building and modifying several bikes, most of which were vintage models between 20 and 40 years old. Please understand I don't consider myself an expert at any of this, but rather a long time observer and participant.

    In any case, good luck and have fun with your future endeavors on this and any other bike you acquire in the future.
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  3. Thank you for your input. If you don't ask, then it is never a possibility......The bike I am after is one that someone has learned on, then stepped up in their own way. There are likely those who have an "extra" bike that falls into my request description who may want a cool classic just for the cool factor, not performance. I am not looking for a return on my investment, that would price the bike out of the market. ;-)

    thanks for keeping rules 9&10 in mind.

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  4. GLWS

    But what about rule no. 36?
  5. Bwahahaha!! crackup:

  6. Bump- Hope you find something Aaron, at least I understand what a "trade only" ad means in reference to your investment.

    Thanks, next time please PM something like that instead of crapping on their post/ad.
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  7. Seemed pretty legit to me.. but what do I know I'm no mod! crackup:

    QLG has quite a bit of experience with vintage bikes.. her post was helpful given phleb is new to the retro scene..
    I have a bit of experience in the space as well.. it didn't seem like she was stepping on your classified mod powers.. just helping with assigning a realistic trade value.
  8. This.
    Good advice isn't crapping on a thread.
    Nothing she wrote would cause me to not like Goofus' KZ.
    If I had a stable of bikes and one happened to be a functional, but maybe beat up sv or vfr I'd have to go take a look at the thing.
  9. Ask and you shall receive! The trade is official next week after the current owner returns from a riding road trip. Yes!!

    1985 VF500f Interceptor....exactly what I was looking for!! The current owner has a 74 kz400 and loves the KZ, so my baby will be well taken care of.

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  10. Grats! Looks like a fun trade, you both get something cool.

  11. Thanks! Yes, he will have another KZ in his stable and I get a new daily driver project in addition to a super fun bike!
  12. Wow, it couldn't have been more perfect, another KZ fan with just what you wanted! I'm very happy for you both.

    Des, I'm sorry if you think I was out of line, but I happened to like what he did with his bike, it's a sharp lookin' machine, and told him so, and I don't think he took any offense to anything I mentioned. He appeared to be new to the vintage scene and my only motivation was an attempt to be helpful with some alternate ideas if his didn't work out.

    It looks like he didn't need it though....totally cool the way it worked out!
  13. Well, I think it's safe to say that you found something with more juice! Just be cautious the first few times you give it full throttle over 8k... :scared

    Congratulations, and welcome to the VF500F club/gang/whatever.
  14. What a sweet deal on that VF! I'd love to have one of those to noodle around on but I sure love my 800cc's and envision keeping it a looooooooong time!!!!
  15. Glad this worked out for both of you!
  16. I got a little history on this! Check it out, I have information on the bike from back in September 2011 where Daves929 bought it then sold it to MeRock, then MeRock traded it for a Tiger to another forum member. Now I am trading my beloved KZ for the VF500f so we are keeping it all in the family.

    I agree! The strangest things happen sometimes. :mfclap:

    Thanks! ~ VF500f is the same weight as the KZ, but with twice the HP.....zooooom! I hear ya about the upper RPM range, from what I understand the VF likes to surprise you by making ~30% of it's power up there.

    Me too! Thanks, could not have been more perfect as Quicklimegirl said! We both win on this deal.
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