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Labor Day Drive/Ride

Discussion in 'Corvallis / Albany' started by runnermatt07, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. So over on bimmerforums i set up a drive with a couple bikes, well more are coming so i decided to extend the invitation here as well, so here is the info!

    Heres the specifics of this drive/ride!

    WHO: YOU! and whoever else wants to (doesn't have to be bmw ;) )

    WHAT: Going for a spirited drive/ride on some very great and scenic roads, stopping for pics and just generally having a good time!

    WHEN: Monday September 5th @ 2:30

    WHERE: Safeway @ 5270 Southwest Philomath Boulevard, Corvallis, OR (This is our usual meeting place for Marys Peak)

    HOW: Using this route!

    Its late enough for people to make it and early enough to be done before the general public gets off work. While route is flexible, the above route is basically 34 to Alsea, then back through Alsea Falls and the Benton Scenic Loop. Drive is at your own pace as always. We will stop for pics, smoking and joking where ever!

    runnermatt07 (on bike)
    italianracer (on bike)
    Scott (on bike)
    Staus Quo
    Jermy (maybe)
    ZE36 (maybe)
    Cosmos Dragon (maybe)
    JBird (R3v)
    MickeyFinn503 (R3v)
  2. If I had my clutch done, I would take the kiddo in the M. But I am hoping for some lake time instead

  3. e36 sedan techno violet
  4. Dang! i forgot to ask you about your m3 on that ride! Oh well, and glad you have you rooster, see ya Monday:)
  5. Have fun Matt, I'm taking today off and resting my old tired bones.
  6. I just may join you all for this ride if you don't mind having a noise machine along. :evil4:

  7. How did it go Matt? You get any video from your ride?
  8. It went very well! Great mix actually, and unfortunately no, long story short.i didn't know how to work it. Wouldnt have gotten any footage anyway since i.was out front for the fun part. But had 16 cars and 4 bikes!
  9. Sorry about that, I tried to coach your buddy but I guess I'm not a good instructor... Or he's a sucky student.
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