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Laguna Seca Road Trip, July 23rd-Aug 3rd

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by ZX14-TOMCAT, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. I'm posting this to see if there would be any interest in joining me and 3 other riders for an epic road trip down to Monterey, Ca for the MotoGP/AMA races at Laguna Seca. I've been riding down there the past 5yrs and it's an amazing ride. I've already done the planning for routes and lodging. If you can get the time off and want to do this you won't regret it. Also, we'll have chatterboxes to communicate so hopefully you have one or can borrow one. The pace will be mild but there are a few roads we'll hit that we'll be able to kick it up a few notches :) here's the plan.....

    Dates: July 23 - Aug 3

    Here's the route going to:,12&t=m&z=8

    Here are the stops we'll be making for overnight stays. Each leg on the way down/back will be about 300 miles which is perfect for this sort of trip;

    Monday 7/23- Seaside, Or @ Motel 6

    Tuesday 7/24- Brookings, Or @ Wild Rivers Motor Lodge 877-469-5361- ask for eric tell him you're traveling with me for the $79 deal

    Wednesday 7/25- Fort Bragg, Ca @ Americas Best Value Inn/Seabird Inn (google it)

    Thrusday 7/26-30 - Salinas, Ca @ Motel 6

    Monday 7/30 - Clearlake, Ca @ Americas Best Value Inn Clearlake/Wine Country

    Tuesday 7/31 - Arcata, Ca @ Motel 6

    Wednesday 8/1 - Klamath Falls, Or @ Motel 6

    Thursday 8/2 - Gresham, Or @ Motel 6

    total miles going down will be about 1200------ Back around 1400

    here's the link for the route back,15,18&t=m&z=9

    Everyone will have to make their own reservations for motels/hotels. If you want to pair up with someone to split costs that's up to you.

    You'll spend about $350 for gas for the entire trip down/back. Also the passes for Laguna Seca will run about $150+ for 3day and paddock pass. Lodging if split will be about $425pp. Figure on budgeting about $1500-2000 for the entire trip.
  2. I'm a tentative for this. I want to see if there are any track days happening after the MotoGP weekend. I want to ride that track something fierce.

  3. 9 days! for a 3 day MotoGP...hmm mine might be more like 5-6 days with more miles per day
  4. Hey Jon,
    I am doing a roundtrip for MotoGP as well with my buddy, but gonna have to condense the trip a little tighter than your schedule. As we get closer, I'll have to figure out how to connect, maybe meet up with your group on the way.
  5. I was thinkin the same thing KN... Got a small group going down same time frame. Since we're all going to be in the same area, i'll post up a thread w/ some contact info just in case.
  6. Sounds good. We'll all have to meet up for a beer or two or six.

  7. I'm sure we'll figure something out. I've done the shorter days/higher miles. I change it up each year a bit. Going down the coast just takes a bit of time to really enjoy it.
  8. Oh, at least 6... we'll be in Ft Bragg probably the same night, and I'll be honest, I stole a little bit of ZX's route back. Instead of retracing, Gonna finish up the hwy 36 we didn't get to hit on the way down, and back up through the mountains.
  9. I'm with you, man. I missed 36 last year...looking to slay it this year.
  10. Up at the top of 36 before the platina gas station, there's a nice section of road called ditch grade. Maybe 6 or so miles long. Fun detour. :)
  11. This is something I'd like to do, but I'm not retired, so I can't take 2 weeks for the trip.
  12. Heading down with a few friends. Wondering whats the best area to camp in at the track? I heard there is bands and parties would like to be in that type of area not a quite type camping area. Any of you doing SBNW the week after?
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  13. There's general camping a few hundred yards from the track. I did the camping thing a few years ago. Just go to Laguna's website and you can sign up for camping. There are a few activities at the track after the day's events but the true party is Bike Night downtown Monterey, Cannery Row on Saturday night.

    Not doing SBNW
  14. <bump> getting closer so thought I'd re-bump this to see if there might be any other riders wanting to go that were thinking about it.
  15. Maybe next has no end in sight:angry7:
  16. Tickets purchased, time off work booked, motel rooms reserved, new rubber on the scooter...just waiting for the time to go by.
  17. Me too, but I am not joining your group. Going my own route (2 days) to Angles Camp CA, arrive on Wednesday. Ride the back roads every day till Sat when I head to MotoGP and stay in Salinas hotel the 2 days. After the racing on Sunday head back to the A-camp (Condo BTW) and ride a few more days locally and then head home.

    I have a trailer ride home from the camp because I know my tires (installed new) will be toast and it will be a relaxing drive home. Have fun everyone!!!

  18. I'm heading down, but not riding. Motel 6 in Salinas is dog-friendly so I'll be staying there and fighting traffic to/from the races with everyone else. Hope to see some of you there!
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  19. Ha, Salinas Motel 6...we're staying there too.
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