Lake Cavanaugh

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Tombraider2, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Took a short zip on the Fz1, headed for Lake Cavanaugh to see how the roads were. Sky wasn't looking so good when I hit the Cavanaugh Rd so I headed for 9, just as I got to the the bog Lk I'm glad I wasn't having fun. Mr. Brown car was in the pull off.

    Back at 9 I turned South and headed home, from there to my place I seen 3 more hiding in the shadows. One pulled over coming at me, flipped on his lights, I figured I was done, 15 over but drove by him. He just looked me :scratchea

    Never came after me so I just kept on trucking :mfclap:

    WTH is up with this weather. I think I seen 8 bikes ?
  2. nc987

    Tombraider, we're you up at the diablo lookout a few weekends back? I met a guy on a fz1 who was from Arlington, passed me and the guy on the fz6 on the way down.
  3. Nope, was as cool looking at this

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