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    This is so ridiculous. Don't know if I would mess with a 1500 lb animal while on a bike.
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  2. I would expect nothing else from one of Fresno's finest.
  3. That sounds like it has stupidity written all over it.
  4. Did it say he was on the bike when he roped it? Or did a bike cop throw a rope on a cow while it was just standing there? Take it from a Texan, it's not that hard to do.. Love the hysteria implied in "1500 lb" cow. That's normal. lol..
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    I'm fairly sure the cop wanted to get the cow off the street, not have sex with it like most texans though.
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  6. We prefer our cousins, but livestock will do in a pinch. Hey, when in Enumclaw, do as they do.. Right? 8)

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  8. Don't encourage that asshole. lol..
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    Sounds like a bad-ass with a bike, lasso, and a badge to me.

    Ha ha ha ha...
  10. Hey you, fuck right off.....srs bizniss :x
  11. Hey.. I didn't make that shit up. lol.. Haven't there been several instances of, umm..human-livestock "inappropriate touching" out that way?

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