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Leak-down test tool

Discussion in 'Westside' started by 2 dizzy, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. I called all the auto parts stores around to see if they had a leak-down test for sale or rent. They only have compression tools. Does anyone in the lynnwood area have a leak-down test tool I could borrow for just a little bit? I'd be very greatful.
  2. whatever happens, if you cant find one to borrow DO NOT settle and buy a harbor freight have been warned.

  3. Wish I did, but I also only have a compression tool.
  4. Does a compression test tool tell me where the leak is? Will it tell me if it's the valves or the piston rings?
  5. none of these will tell you. once you have it figured out that something is busted, it's on you to find a mechanic who can figure out what is busted.

    valves need to be checked regardless
  6. yes I know. but I was told that if you do a leak down test, you'll know where the problem is based on where the air comes out. If it comes out the exhaust or intake then the valves need to be done, if it comes out through the oil pan (or in that area) then it's because the piston and rings need to be redone.

    i'm trying to determine what needs to be done FIRST. I know i gotta do the valves but if the pistons and rings are fried then I have to fix that FIRST before I do the valves.
  7. why are you so hesitant to do the valves?

    is it because of the labor price quoted by the shop?

    because pistons/rings will be more, and include the valves.
  8. No. Do the valves first regardless. Then you'll get real results without guessing. As Jim has said, it might be the issue anyways.
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  9. No I'm not hesitant to do valves. They need to be done. But it's not gonna do me any good to do the valves if the pistons also need to be replaced and redone. If the pistons need to be done first, I wanna do those first.
  10. you can do the compression test and if it's low, add a few drops off oil to the cylinder. Test again.
    If it gets better? The rings are leaking. If there is no change it's most likely the valves.
    Could be the seals, guilds or seats. Can't tell without taking the head off.

    You can bring it up on the compression stroke and gently blow air in (using the compression tools screw in the spark plug hole hose) and listen. If it's coming out the carb? Intake valve. If it's coming out the pipe?, it's the exhaust valve.

    Anyway, the oil will point you in the right direction but wont tell you every thing.
    The oil will help to seal the rings and give a higher reading. It's good if you think you might have a broken ring. But if the motors effed. If needs a complete rebuild?

    Just step away. :angry7:

    It's very expensive.:shock:
  11. Don't mean to be rude or anything, but you're really making this harder than it needs to be.
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  12. +1
  13. That thing is a Mono block right?
  14. mono block?? Not sure what that means, but I have been told repeatedly that the engine doesn't have seperate cylinders. In order to get to the pistons, and rings, they have to crack the whole engine case. Is that what you mean?
  15. Yep.
    It's better and stronger then the older blocks. Makes it a pain if you just want to "freshen up" a street bike.

    I guess if you have a shop with a good supply of replacement parts such as main bearings and what not. It might not be too bad.
    But if you have to mail order your parts and wait for weeks? Geez..I think I'd be looking for something else.

    I think I'd swap out the motor for a good used one before dumping that much cash into it?
    That's just me.
  16. I hate to say it but he's right. You're just throwing money away on the bike. Just start looking for another motor.

    my 2 cents
  17. no. no no no no no.



    do not throw away the motor, and do not throw away money until you know what the problem is.

    *hint: it's prolly your valves
  18. I'm just wondering how many people need to suggest "VALVES" before anything is done with them?????? :secret::fallinga::tard:
  19. 57 so far$1 on 106
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