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Leavenworth, Chelan anyone?

Discussion in 'Bellingham' started by Mrs Arnbo, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. Arnie and I Are going to be heading 9 south to Leavenworth possibly Lake Chelan Sunday morning anyone else interested?:mrgreen::wav::wav::wav:
  2. if Sandi and i still lived there, WE would go!

    miss you guys!

  3. Missing you guys too!
    Best memory of 112 is with CoastiePete leading on his
    ZX10. Hope all is well Pete:mrgreen:
  4. maybe...was thinking to hit Blewett pass.....but this could work....time/place meet up?
  5. We are going to have breakfast at Bakerview I-Hop about 7:45 and plan to head out at 9am, so that sounds like a fine place to meet. Come for breakfast or for the ride...due to shorter days it could just be the last long ride you get in!
  6. I-Hop works for me....
  7. I am looking forward toward this one........
    Kinda a memorial ride in one way.I Did this
    ride with Mikesfu.
    Sure am going to miss that guy.
  8. Out:angry7: Just at little to broke for tis on.
  9. Liz and I will be at our place in Leavenworth this weekend, look us up while you're in town. Phone number is in my profile, hope to see you guys!
  10. I would love to join this ride, but buying a house and all required appliances has left me with little time or money. :'(
    Ride safe.
  11. Stoked for this ride:mrgreen:
    Good food and brew in Leavenworth:mrgreen:
  12. Things are very well bud. I miss the ZX10, but my riding is much more enjoyable on the Speed Triple. It's just more fun. and comfy!

    Hope you and the family are doing well! Enjoy your ride, I'm jealous!
  13. If I can arrange dogsitting and get my ass up that early I'm in.
  14. Boating Friday and Saturday and a nice
    Ride to Leavenworth Sunday.... Life is good:mrgreen:
  15. Dang guys, I wish I could. I've got commitments already! :roll:
  16. See you in the morning ..........:mrgreen:
    Not too late to tag along
  17. Hope you guys have a blast!

    be safe please.
  18. I'm 50/50 for this. I'll see if I can cut loose for it.
  19. Thanks Pete:mrgreen:WE will be safe and thinking of everyone.
    Great time out on the water today had the Yamaha screaming:mfclap: