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leaving helmey behind

Discussion in 'Motorcycle Talk' started by badcomebackguy, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I was just curious, I am a semi new rider, and with that I have a brand new helmet and we all know what those can cost. I'm running into the problem where when I stop somewhere I usually take it inside with me versus locking the metal rings into my cowl. What I'm wondering is do u guys have any experience with people messing with your helmets when either left on your mirrors or when locked to the bike?
  2. RedKat600

    RedKat600 Vintage Screwball Staff Member

    Bike night, quick gas stop or convenience store stop I leave it on the bike. Otherwise it comes with. Period. No experience with people messing with it because I do not give them the opportunity.

  3. Yeah, unless It's in my sight it comes with me.
  4. By this time next year, I'm sure you'll have noticed half a dozen "helmet stolen off bike" threads.

    There is no such thing I've seen that "locks" the helmet to the bike. Sure, you can "lock" it to the hook under the pillion seat, but any thief with a pocket knife will just cut the strap on the helmet and be gone with it.

    It's gotta be a super quick stop for me to leave it with my bike. If I'm stopping alone, I'll probably still take it in.

    If I'm with other motorcyclist who may still be outside, I'm more comfortable leaving it with the bike.
  5. Take it with. I tried to use my hooks under my passenger seat once and it scraped my decals up. :(

    Besides... bees and spiders have a chance go get in if you leave your helmet. Those are two things that I don't do..
  6. Why take it off in the first place?
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  7. I leave mine on my mirror almost all the time. Depends on area...
  8. +1
  9. Take it all the time.
    I have after market mirrors so that's out.
    Most of my bikes don't have rear seats/helmet locks so that's out.
    I clip my key to the chin skirt so I don't have to dig it out on my pocket.
    Store gloves, shades, Phone and smokes in it, makes a great manly Purse.

    Just take it with you and it's one less thing to worry about.
  10. while that is true, all it does is destroy a helmet. You cant get replacement straps.

    I never had an issue with anybody messing with my helmet.
  11. +1
  12. Tweakers will steal anything, strap or no strap.
    I would think someone could sew/glue on a strap from some other helmet and sell it on Ebay/pawn shop or whatever.

    I guess if you really wanted to leave it and have it stay put?
    Loop a small cable through the face hole and lock it to the frame or any part of the bike.
    Would work for tank bags too. Only slows down the real thieves and would detour the snatch and run types.

    Q: What's the difference between a crackhead and a tweaker?
    A: The crackhead will steal your shit and bounce, the tweaker will steal your shit and then help you look for it.crackup:
  13. I bought a simple bike cable about 12-16 inches long, feed in through the chin of the helmet and lock both ends to the helmet lock. Used it for 7 years of daily commuting with no problems. I'm sure it could easily be cut, but not with a simple pocket knife. Coils up very small.
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  14. +1 for the cable lock.
  15. Simple question to answer your question.

    We all know helmets can get expensive. My Shoei, for example, cost the better part of $600 dollars.

    So...would you leave $600 dollars just chilling on your seat or in a tank bag while you aren't around to keep an eye on it?
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  16. locked my helmet once in seattle someone just cut the strap. always goes with me.
  17. crackup:

    I have a shoei and no way leave it anywhere other than at home or w/ me!
  18. Damn good points ladies and gentlemen
  19. +1 except for the key part but I like the idea
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