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Let's do it... 100 riders, Saturday 7/7

Discussion in 'Westside' started by seattlesucks, May 1, 2007.

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  1. The 100... no wait... 200 rider ride!!!
    Date -- Saturday, July 7th.
    The Route -- Big Ranier Loop to Yakima

    Meetup is at 9am SHARP at RMC.
    BRING $10 cash. $5 for the BBQ, $5 for entry to Mt Ranier National Park on the return trip!!!
    Proceeds from the BBQ (if there are any, there might not be) go to sponsor PNWriders in the Seattle 100. There will also be a spot there for further donations.

    DON'T FORGET TO PRE-REGISTER OR YOU MIGHT NOT GET TO GO!!! Team leaders are using their discretion on whether they'll allow non-pre-registered riders to join their group. If you don't pre-register, there's a good chance you'll get left behind or be stuck in group 14 when you wanted to be in group 2. To register, go here -- -- then pick a group and post up in that group's thread. The leader will add you to the group. Then on game day, just find the guy wearing the teeshirt that matches your group's #.

    CURRENT COUNT -- 199+

    -Meet up at RMC at 9am SHARP, and be gassed up!!!.
    -Big rider meeting.
    -Break up into 10 groups of about 10-20 people based on pace: Fast, Medium Fast, Medium, Medium Slow and Slow groups. Have rider meeting with individual groups.
    -Groups roll out 2-5 minutes apart.
    -Gas Stop at Whistlin' Jack's Lodge for smoke/gas break/stretch.
    -Gas Stop and Groups meet up at Many's Market/Gas Station/Bait Shop in Naches.
    -All 100+ riders ride from Naches to Yakima as a group... right through the middle of town scaring the locals.
    -BBQ at Ninja Girl's house.
    -Groups start rolling out at about 2:00 or 3:00pm, split up at I-5.

    Roughly, we'll be taking chinook pass one way, and white pass the other. There is an exact route, but I'm not going to post it. PM a leader if you want it. Some of them have it already, some of them know it by heart.

    This ride is getting too big, and there's been a lot of talk about using it to get some support going for a charity. I want to make sure that everyone understands a few things:

    1) No stunting. A 150 or 200 person ride is no place for that. I think stunting is awesome, just not on this ride.

    2) No excessive speeds. We're all grownups, and I don't presume to tell the Captains what pace they should lead their groups at. I don't presume to tell individual riders what pace they should follow. We all ride our own ride on these group rides. I just want to make it very clear that I am not endorsing or encouraging speeding, especially excessively. This is not the ride for that. Kick back, enjoy the scenery, get some food at the BBQ, and take a couple of corners at your pace.

    3) DON'T BLOCK TRAFFIC!!! One of the big reasons we're breaking this group up into teams is to avoid blocking traffic. If you hit a red light, stop at it. Don't violate cager's right of way. There's always time to catch up, and nobody is going to get ditched in the middle of nowhere. This is even more important when we get to Yakima. They are used to dealing with drug gangs and hard criminals... plus they all ride Harleys. Be nice to them, respect them and the law.

    4) There are a lot of people going on this ride, so don't be suprised if some of Washington's finest are interested in it. If you are stopped, be polite and respectful. You don't just represent yourself, you represent PNWriders and all motorcyclists.

    5) Show up with your endorsement and your gear. Me and the other leaders are not your mommy, so we won't be checking endorsements/permits/etc. I'm saying right now that you should be an endorsed rider to come on this ride. Your gear is your choice, but if anyone shows up in shorts and flip-flops, you'll probably be directed into the RMC gear store.

    6) No unsafe passing. Keep it legal, don't scare the cages. You don't want to be the one that ruins it for 150 other people.

    7) If you're bringing non-pnwriders people, let them know about this stuff ahead of time. Also let them know that they'll be in group 7 or lower.

    Other Notes:
    --There will be a meeting for all leaders and sweepers the night before the ride. We'll go over the plan and make sure everyone is on the same page.
    --Because of the huge number of riders, we'll have a support pickup and a support SUV sweeping the entire ride.
    --MAKE SURE TO BRING $10 CASH!!! You'll need $5 to get into Mt Ranier National Park, and $5 for the BBQ.
    --Some people may split off and ride back via I-90 to shorten the day. That's fine, just make sure you let a leader or sweeper know you're heading back.

    We'll split this up into 10 mini-groups of 10-15 people based on ride-pace; fast, medium-fast, medium medium slow, slow...


    AND THIS --

    AND THIS --

    AND THIS --


    Also, I need 10-15 captains and 10-15 sweepers to lead and follow the groups. -- Leaders are responsible for setting the pace, having the mini-group meeting and knowing the route, sweeper are responsible for making sure nobody gets left, and being Johnny on the spot if there is a crash.

    Sign up if you're interested:

    1. Seattlesucks (medium group)
    2. Djoplin (faster group)
    3. Diabolic (faster group)
    4. de goose man (medium)
    5. eric (medium or fast)
    6. milleman (fast)
    7. Mundefined (will sweep or lead whatever nobody else wants to do)
    9. dawtips (slow or medium)
    10. RonUSMC
    11. Lou (bikenut's roomate)

    1. JayT (medium group)
    2. Shrek X (slow or medium)
    3. gimpster (or lead. medium or fast)
    4. micknwop (medium)
    5. jezterr (medium or medium fast)
    6. mahall75
    7. TRAIL BOSS (medium or fast)
    8. ZX-6R (medium, medium-slow)
    9. Yard Sale (sweeping for DJ or Eric)
    10. yewzer (medium or fast)
    11. Plummy (slow)
    12. tokin (med or slow)
    13. prana425 (med or slow)

    Pace Vehicles:
    1) Erin in the truck
    2) Someone's wife in an SUV (sorry, forgot who)
    3) Motorcycle man on bike w/first aid kit and skills

    1. Seattlesucks
    2. Erin (in the truck)
    3. Micknwop
    4. skyler.severns
    5. moucholui
    6. gimpster
    7. Jayt
    8. DJoplin
    9. Bikenut
    10. F4iGuy
    11. Gr6yzing
    12. Roy33
    13. yamar1
    14. Diabolic
    15. Shrek X
    16. CllllxllllC
    17 +4
    21. jezterr
    22. teeoff
    23. +3
    26. luke.wallin
    27. CBR10306
    28. jdpesz
    29. luke.wallin
    30. cowgirlninja
    31. Washingtonblonde
    32. ZX14Tomcat
    33. GSXR75020
    34. orangy (throwing in $50)
    35. de goose man
    36. xratedrr
    37. Ken
    39. Steve
    40. prana425
    41. Chrissmilesback
    42. Lzzybeth
    43. bellnghmrider
    44. arcane
    45. tunus
    48. TRAIL BOSS
    49. suzukigixxer
    50. ducatiduane
    51. Mundefined
    52. Dohie
    53. MRCANMAN
    54. 102warrior
    55. Yard Sale
    56. milleman
    57. mahall75
    58. OmniGLH
    59. rc2o6
    60. snypaz
    61. jimd2p
    62. 02
    63. Scabey D
    64. RideSlow2004
    65. Krukov
    66. saki600zzr
    67. ZX-6R
    68. sclaboe
    69. argeldeggy
    70. Karebear
    71. whitefire
    72. Shark*Daytona
    73. chris06r6
    74. supermess
    75. Adbone
    76. Mookie
    77. Auburnaviator
    78. Guideon72
    79. Seattlesucks Sr (meeting by Whistlin' Jack's)
    80. Tokin
    81. gixxerjeff
    82. hanchung86
    83. Arcane's 2 friends
    84. Oak
    85. CKender
    86. +wife and kids (second pace car)
    91. thomb
    92. Lucky_Ladygsxr
    93. WhiteNinja
    94. moucholui's +2
    96. ODiE
    97. nj2wa
    98. bishop56
    99. +1
    100. Eric
    101. 96SN95GT
    102. BRYAN
    103. Crazy_P
    104. ZZRTech
    105. bigballer_873
    106. dawtips
    107. E36M3K6GSXR
    108. 2004sccobra
    109. +1
    110. TIM650
    111. Anddogg68
    112. Jeff675
    113. AMoney
    114. Nicker
    115. Plummy
    116. Q-Tip
    117. Dudeinskibro
    118. Becky
    119. gokokoro
    120. bob
    121. mikefsu
    122. Craigo
    123. Thumper_F3
    124. gullous
    125. D3eZiie
    126. +3
    129. beeze77
    130. 1ace1
    131. +2
    133. jaimesworld
    134. Teddly
    135. toMu06
    136. SatansPetFerret
    137. kong49
    138. Seadoggs5
    139. RonUSMC
    140. El_Diablo
    141. The 100 rider ride welcomes our fealess leader BeansBaxter!!!
    142. penpen
    143. LawJewDiS
    144. Kurt
    145. D3eZiie
    146. +2
    148. Fearsun
    149. EROK600R
    150. dis3as3d
    151. Kyle E
    152. +25 (WTF!? HAHAHAHA)
    177. TGAS-TT
    178. Michaelb
    179. Powderkeg
    180. klagdon
    181. MetroNinja
    182. gixxer Red
    183. motoman
    184. Guff
    185. Oly's ZX12R
    186. Elisard
    187. Motorcycle man
    188. MrsCbr600
    189. SV1KJOEL
    190. symskyfly
    191. TL1000
    192. +1
    193. Shark*Daytona
    194. nobowl
    195. chrispittman
    196. Quickbeem
    197. trust_me_76
    198. KCander
    199. dejvan
    200. Outofsync
    (stopped counting at 200)
    02 and Shrek X like this.
  2. Put me down for Rider :)

  3. Sweet man, only 98 more to go. crackup:
  4. How fast is medium fast anyways? 80-100?
  5. 02

    02 Retired

    You had to pick that weekend didn't you.... why not the following weekend?
  6. I dunno... That's up to the captain and what he thinks of the group I guess. You should still ride your own ride no matter what group you're in. Let's just say your average guy who can ride fairly fast on the street should be medium or medium fast, an average track-day guy would be maybe medium fast - fast, and a fast trackday guy or racer or psychopath on the street should probably be fast or super-fast.
  7. Okay, 7/21 it is.
  8. Doh, take me off, I will be at motogp checking out the race and UmbrellaGirls that week/weekend.
  9. Im going to need alot of practice and group practice before then but nothing else is holding me back from being a rider.
  10. Crap, yeah... nevermind... I'm not double booking this with the motogp race. Sorry 02. 7/14 it is...
  11. New people are welcome. I'll post a couple of good reads on how to ride with a group. Just ride in the cruise group and you'll be fine. :)
  12. bikenut

    bikenut Crazy Bad Ass BITCH

    Good man...waiting for the old man to see and post...

  13. Sweet... :) Make him be a captain. :mrgreen:
  14. Djoplin

    Djoplin Investigates Alternative Destinations

    :nana Yes, you're going..

    Great... I haven't even seen it yet and already volunteered..
    So I get the fast group again or what?? Someone better loan me a radar/lazer detector for this one.. :banghead:
  15. eric

    eric Slow Eric

    I'm in. I leave for Vegas the next day.

    Kyle you know me, would I be in the slow group or cruise group?
  16. And a GPS! :thefinge:
  17. can i claim spot 38?
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